I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently over a cup of coffee. What else, right? He looked at me and said, “You know all about this food and beverage stuff. Why do they keep trying to put fruity jazz in my coffee?” My initial reaction was to chastise him for being completely out of fashion, but in a moment of wisdom I took a breath to really think about it.

Coffee has been in a constant state of evolution and this “fruity stuff” movement is, in my opinion, a very obvious progression. Citrus fruits and berry profiles have been beverage mainstays for generations. Why should coffee be off limits? Take another step and really look at coffee, likened at times to wine with all its growing regional nuances and processing methods. The African region alone features full-blooded, complex, tropical citrus Kenyan blends and “naturally” processed Ethiopian roasts with their floral, fruity undertones.

In essence, this evolution is really a return home. Coffee is embracing both its drinkable heritage while celebrating its intrinsic ingredient roots. I, for one, am looking forward to embracing the bright and refreshing possibilities of these fruity friends. As cold brew continues down its sparkling path, expect to see more inclusions of sweet orange and lemon citrus, along with dark robust blackberry and raspberry. I hope you, and my friend, will take the opportunity to embrace this wonderful coming together of beautiful beverage flavors.

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