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Jan 14, 2019Beverages, Categories

I was caught off guard recently when I ordered a cocktail and the bartender prompted me to choose whether I’d like vegan or non-vegan egg whites.


While I suspected I knew the ingredient he was referencing, inquiring minds had to know what this vegan egg white option was! Plant-based alternatives have now appeared in every part of our plate from breakfast and entrees to desserts. For years, egg whites have been used to add viscosity, velvety mouthfeel and beautiful foam for over a hundred years. Cocktails like the Ramos Gin Fizz require egg white to achieve their legendary creamy texture and it just wouldn’t be the same if you simply omitted the egg white.


This is where your can of chickpeas comes in to save the day!  Been draining the peas and tossing it out the liquid?  You’re throwing away liquid gold!  The starchy liquid in a can of chickpeas creates an excellent replacement for egg-white, acting as a binder that can be whipped into a luxurious foam.  In baking, it can be combined with sugar to create meringue and mousse.


For an easy way to store, try freezing the brine into ice cube trays and then transferring to a freezer bag.  Unthaw one cube at a time as you would when you need an individual egg (roughly equal to one well of a standard tray). Serve with your favorite cocktail and enjoy!


“The amazing thing is how long the foam lasts compared to egg whites – it’s incredible!” – Ali Luikart, Givaudan Alcohol Scientist on using chickpea in cocktail creation


Picchu Picchu

featured in Givaudan BarTrek Unbound

1 oz Pisco
1 oz Apricot Liqueur
1 oz Sweet & Sour Mix
6 drops Peruvian Pepper Bitters
3/4 oz Aquafaba (chickpea brine)
Shake pisco, apricot liqueur, sweet & sour mix, and chickpea brine in cocktail shaker with ice for 20 seconds. Fine strain into coupe. Top with bitters.




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