Exploring International Cuisines Part 1: Peru

Now, more than ever diners are regularly exposed to global cuisines once viewed as exotic. Whether she’s a cutting edge foodie eager to be the first to try the next big thing, or a casual diner curious about a new ingredient at an old haunt, world cuisines appeal to a wide range of consumers. This series seeks to provide some insight into different culinary traditions around the globe and how they can manifest here at home.

The country of Peru has a storied history that manifests itself in its cuisine. Centuries of colonization and immigration have shaped a fusion cuisine with influences from Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and African traditions. Each of these provided new ingredients and cooking techniques to a diet that was historically reliant on fresh seafood from the Pacific, and maize and potatoes from the Andes.

Peruvian cuisine is set to breakout on the global stage, but its influences have been seen for some time. Ceviche (or cebiche as it’s spelled in Peru) is now a familiar dish among diners, just as quinoa has found its way to grocery shelves. Here are some ingredients with Peruvian roots to watch for:

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