Home delivery meal kits. Fast casual movement. Ready to heat and eat meal pickup packages. There’s a disruptive movement happening in the food industry, where companies are trying to meet all of our demands in one format:

  • Chef-quality food
  • Conveniently available
  • Custom to the taste of the moment

Today’s consumers have experienced and cultured tastes: they know what ‘chef quality’ means. Convenient means less than 30 minutes start-to-finish, or no longer than the time to pick up takeout – anyone else tired of hearing ‘that meal kit lied to me, took me 40 minutes to prep and cook my marinated skirt steak, seasoned fingerlings and root veggie gratin?’ And with the prevalence of many cuisines, getting ever more segmented regionally, consumers have been trained that whatever they want for dinner, they can have it now.

So how can product developers at retail and food service manufacturers keep up with trends and meet all these needs? Start by building a pipeline of unique, trendy ideas that deliver James Beard award winning level flavor and enable custom creations. With Givaudan’s iChef Trek, no need to travel for this inspiration – we bring the ideas to you, analyzed with WOW concepts. Browse menus, discover new flavor combinations, build your next sauce or dish – check it out!

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