Ladies and Gentlemen, get the peanuts and popcorn ready, the 2019 MLB season is almost here! In honor of Opening Day, I’ve done a quick overview on a few of the best places to find not only peanuts and popcorn, but some other scrumptious delicacies you may be surprised to find at a stadium. Face it, folks, good food has arrived at stadiums, and it is there to stay

Top 5 Stadium Food Destinations

Oracle Park, Giants, San Francisco

This place has the eats, people! Pho, they’ve got it. Sourdough? You bet. Egg rolls, pork belly, and the list could go on and on. There’s a reason this city is one of the top destinations for food vacations. We especially loved all of their Asian selections, but the Seafood Chowder was outstanding. After all, once the fog sets in, it can get chilly at the ball park!


Citi Field, Mets, New York

We loved the diversity here, but in a totally different way. The pastrami hot dog, the aracini bites. A sophisticated menu in a fun place, definitely echoing the culture on the opposite coast from the stadium mentioned above.


Wrigley Field, Cubs, Chicago

Wrigley competes with Fenway Park for oldest ball park in the country. There is so much history here it’s hard not to be in awe. Not only that, but there are chefs who now take ‘residence’ in the park with their culinary creations. Chef Rick Bayless had a stall at our visit, but we LOOVED the fried chicken-style Chicago dog. Yum!


Great American Ball Park, Reds, Cincinnati

Cincinnati has some incredibly regional specialties which may seem slightly strange to an outsider. Goetta anyone? For those not native to the ‘Nati, goetta is a type of pork sausage with oats and spices. Or the famous Cincinnati chili – a beanless ‘sauce’ with cinnamon and chocolate.


Busch Stadium, Cardinal, St. Louis

So I’m totally biased, but my hometown ballpark is amazing guys! Also, their tots aren’t bad either. Extra points for the home plate box.


Thrillist has also done its own ranking.  Check it out!

Disclaimer:  Our team trekking experts visited many ballparks in preparation for this visit – and these photos are our own. That said, if you want to learn more about ballpark inspired snacks, ask a Givaudan Account Manager to see 7th Inning Snacks. We’ll send you a box of delicious goodies reminiscent of our visits and other ball parks around the country.

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