It’s Not Chocolate, After All.

Mar 26, 2019Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

I’m not a fan of white chocolate. It’s not chocolate, after all.

It’s not legally defined as chocolate – I win the technical debate about white chocolate not being ACTUAL chocolate. There are no cocoa solids. Therefore it cannot be justly called chocolate.

I can’t get behind white chocolate because it’s committed a flavor crime. It’s most often portrayed as chalky, waxy, and overly sweet. The great pretender presents itself as a strange milky, powdery fake; it does not warrant the name of the beautiful heaven-sent creations that are rightfully called chocolate.


Lovers of white chocolate will say, “you haven’t tasted REAL white chocolate”. And true, it’s hard to find the real deal. Authentic white chocolate is made with high quality cocoa butter, milk, sugar, and vanilla. Most of the time, when we’re tasting products that call out white chocolate, it hasn’t been honored with these lovely ingredients.

The flavor admirer in me CONCEDES that white chocolate has a super power. I can respect a flavor if it has a super power. White chocolate serves as the Condi Rice of seasonal flavors – it’s a flavor diplomat. It can introduce us to admirable new combinations. It’s a pairing for the familiar sweet raspberry, the tart key lime, the rich creamy macadamia, the lavender in latte. It was present for the birth of the iconic white mocha, forever changing the face of cafe flavor essentials.

The data shows that most consumers love the idea of white chocolate. They connect it with spring, summer, and winter; and it’s one of the flavors neutral enough to be used to parlay new seasonal connections.

So white chocolate isn’t going anywhere. Just, please, make it more authentic. More true to the taste of its beloved real ingredients. I may never be a fan, but I can admire and respect white chocolate since it has the power to shake hands with so many other flavors.




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