Let’s not discriminate; there is a time and a place for all chocolates. Sure, white chocolate may not seem as sophisticated as other options, it may not be legally “chocolate” and maybe you can’t convince yourself that eating a piece is going to be good for you. But what’s to hate? It is perfect in its modesty – creamy, sweet and easily paired with almost anything.

Some of my favorite sweets and treats are made with white chocolate. When I make my white chocolate blondies, I skip the measuring spoon and add a huge glug of vanilla and a palmful of cardamom. My custard-y blueberry bread pudding (made with 10 eggs!) wouldn’t be complete without the plentiful white chocolate chips sprinkled on top which get brown and toasty while it’s baking. Milk and dark chocolate? They just wouldn’t work in these recipes! They’d steal the show and overpower the other players.

So, maybe white chocolate is like the Steve Buscemi of chocolates. Sure he’s not winning any Oscars but come on… The Big Lebowski? Billy Madison without Steve? Impossible to imagine without him. No way!

Let’s not try to make white chocolate something its not. Let’s just appreciate it for the perfect, simple, innocent chocolate it is.

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