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Naturdays are for the Joys

NaturdaysDomestic beer brands such as Budweiser and Miller Lite have experienced a decline in sales over the past several years, owing largely to the popularity of craft brewers and growing sales of liquor and wine. But light beer just got more interesting – this time with the addition of Natural Light’s line of Naturdays, which is a light lager imbued with the strawberry lemon flavor advertised on the can. It seems to have scratched a lot of itches among consumers thus far, with some even giving thanks to a higher power. According to one customer, the essence of a Naturday is “an epic day with friends when all the chips simply fall into place.” Chips sold separately.

Low-Cal Doesn’t Have to Mean No Taste 

PricklyPearMichelob.jpgMichelob Ultra, typically associated with low-carb and low-calorie beer, is introducing another variety that keeps with these traditions. Lime & Prickly Pear Cactus infusions contain 95 calories, just like their other light varieties. The company hopes that a fresh flavor will draw in those who watch their calories but want to test the waters and see what these new flavors are all about.

Calling All Gin and Brandy Fans:

New Spirit Träkál is Uniquely Satisfying 

Trakal.pngHailing all the way from Patagonia, meet Träkál. Tasting like a mixture of gin and brandy, this new addition to the 2017 alcohol lineup is finally taking America by the glass—and the taste buds. But don’t be fooled by the familiar hints of ripe red berry and cool fennel: all seven botanicals used in Träkál are native to Patagonia. And for that reason, the FDA placed it in a category all its own as a, “spirit distilled from apples and pears.” Meaning “first warrior into battle,” Träkál is quickly becoming the bartender’s favorite mixer, pairing well in New Belgium sour-ale beer slushies, fruit-forward tiki drinks, and booze-forward cocktails. Other favorable flavor pairings include lemon, guava, and Denver favorite: bright purple butterfly pea flower tea.

The idea for Träkál came about when owner Sebastian Gomez worked for liquor company Diageo (best known for gifting the world with Captain Morgan and Crown Royal). Gomez decided that if Peru was renowned for pisco and Mexico known for tequila, Patagonia was due for their own spirit. And we’re with Gomez on this one. Träkál has us planning a trip down to Patagonia just to thank those seven botanicals in person.

Get Whisk-ey’d Away with New Crown Royal Peach

Crown Royal released a peach-flavored whisky to its line of popular spirits. The new Peach flavor combines the brand’s “signature smoothness” with the sweetness and juiciness of Georgia peaches. The company plans on distributing the new line at stores across America, at the reasonable price of $25 for a fifth.

Convenient Keto Caffeine 

This buttery coffee trend just got even easier to enjoy.

Keto CaffeineIt Works! has recently released a line of keto coffee pods to help dieters reach ketosis (a state of increased fat burning) without giving up their much needed caffeine jolt. These convenient single-serving pods are filled with the instant-powdered version of bulletproof coffee. Like its liquid form, the powder (or should we say power) pods are made with grass-fed butter, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), and a few other ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen peptides, xanthan gum, and Himalayan pink salt – ingredients that can help jump-start your body’s ketone production and break down fat as you sip your morning java.

And these pods are no joke, gaining nods of approval from sports nutritionists and weight management coaches who note that caffeine has natural ingredients to break down fat, and keto pods only help increase that function. While critics are quick to point out that keto-friendly caffeine can also be achieved in your own home by adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil to your typical cup of joe, the convenience of these pods makes them buzzworthy. And did we mention they are available in Salted Caramel flavor?

Earn Your Tasty Badge at Dunkin’

Dunkin better image.jpgWhether you are a Thin Mint fan or a Tagalong supporter, we can all get behind Dunkin’s newest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Coffee line-up: Trefoil shortbread! Joining Thin Mint and Coconut Caramel, Trefoil is here and ready to rock your world with it’s short-bready goodness. Whether you want to enjoy it frozen, iced, or in an espresso, the new Trefoils shortbread coffee unfolds in a perfect harmony of sweet and buttery flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth AND your caffeine craving—Girl Scout’s honor!

On Cloud Nine with New Starbucks Cloud Macchiato 

The first part of 2019 saw record setting low temperatures and hot new beverage releases from Starbucks. The national coffee brand rose to fight the chill and desires of their many loyal customers. For anyone who found themselves craving a Medicine Ball after it left the menu, Starbucks recommends you try the Honey Citrus Mint Tea packed with vitamin C to help you shake the cold… just in time for the brief return of the Cherry Mocha Latte, only available the week leading up to Valentine’s Day to make your heart race. Don’t care for cherry? How about Cinnamon Shortbread? This drink is for all the Smoked Butterscotch and Chile Mocha fans out there who found themselves missing that warm, smoky flavor—Starbucks had you in mind when they dreamt up the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte.

And finally, just in case you are still thirsty, Starbucks introduced the Cloud Macchiato in both Caramel and Cinnamon. The Cinnamon Lemon syrup has been described as a blessing to the taste buds. Shout out to Starbucks for keeping us all feeling #blessed.

America, Meet Orange Vanilla Coke

Orange Coke.jpgCoca-Cola rode into 2019 on a wave of flavor, releasing their first new flavor in the Coke family since 2002. Hitting the shelves February 25th Orange Vanilla Coke had America bubbling with excitement.

Coca-Cola also introduced AdeZa new plant-based snack drink that was born in Argentina where it’s called AdeS, shorthand for the Latin phrase ‘alimentos de semillia’, or ‘seed foods’. Coke’s take on this South American staple comes in three different fruit-packed flavors: Awesome Oat Strawberry and Banana, Amazing Almond Mango and Passionfruit, and Courageous Coconut Berry.

But that isn’t all that’s new for this beverage powerhouse. Two new additions were welcomed to the Diet Coke family in 2019 – Diet Coke® Blueberry Acai AND Diet Coke® Strawberry Guava – two bold, fruity flavors that will give you all the flavor and none of the calories.

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