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Sweet Goods & Dairy Social Media Listening

Listening Dates: April 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019

A Berry Delicious Summer

Social media is hot for new summer flavors with a berry twist – one quite literally! Twizzlers has released its Strawberry Smoothie Twizzlers – their traditional Twizzler, filled with a blend of strawberry and smooth cream flavor – for that perfect beach snack.

Boom Chicka Pop does it again with their new Berries and Cream Kettle Corn. The latest addition to Angie’s ready-to-eat popcorn line includes subtle fruity vibes that balance the sweet with the salty for those summertime on-the-go cravings.

Earlier this year, Quaker Oats launched a limited time offering of their new Chocolatey Berry Crunch, a mash-up of their regularly available Crunch Berries and a past offering, Chocolatey Crunch. This chocolate and berry flavored breakfast confection may not be around for long!

Summer Flavors and the CBD Craze

Ben and Jerry's Cookie Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s has released two new limited-edition flavors for the summer. The first, Red, White & Blueberry mimics the summer classic of shortbread with a fruity twist (it comes in flavors of raspberry, blueberry, and vanilla; hence the name). The second is the Ice Cream Sammie, which evokes the taste of the timeless ice cream sandwich via vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookies and swirls. And, as with most other Ben & Jerry’s products these days, you can expect these concoctions to be comprised of socially-responsible ingredients which it terms “Values-Led Sourcing”: cage-free eggs, “caring” dairy, and non-GMO ingredients, in addition to these treats being fair trade.


Renowned for its flavors that conjure a “stoner” mindset such as Half Baked and Phish Food, Ben & Jerry’s has decided to take the plunge into the burgeoning CBD trend sweeping the nation. Plenty of restaurants have already begun adding CBD-infused items to their menu, but Ben & Jerry’s looks to be the first to add it to the frozen dairy section. The company plans to begin adding CBD to a variety of flavors once the chemical has been fully legalized by the FDA, so be on the lookout for it sometime this summer.

Lemony Summer: A Season of Flavorful Treats


That glorious yellow round object warming your heart heading into the summer might not be the sun, but rather the return of the limited edition Lemon Glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. These fan favorites were rolled out in late April as a lead-in to the summer months, accompanied by three new fruity offerings from the store with the Hot Light, including Pineapple, Key Lime Kreme, and Strawberry-filled. In addition to the delicious flavors of these new donuts, each has its own unique, cute design, sure to be a hit among the pastry lovers of Instagram!

Candy Favorites in Liquid Form 


Chocolate milk, long regarded as a tastier alternative to regular pasteurized milk, has just added two new flavors that most will recognize, but are probably not used to seeing in liquid form. Twix Chocolate Milk blends the flavors of chocolate, caramel, and cookie to deliver a satisfying taste.” Alongside Twix, there is Snickers Chocolate Milk, which features a nutty flavor accompanied by the sweetness of caramel and richness of chocolate. While the two new products may seem indulgent, there remain a couple of dietary upsides to help customers feel good about giving in to their sweet tooth: like regular milk, these new flavors are rich in calcium and full of protein (14g protein in a bottle).

Froot Loops and Donuts and Milkshakes, Oh My!


More and more, consumers’ reactions to products on social media help shape new offerings. After customers went wild for their Froot Loops Mini Donuts last summer, Hardee’s took this dessert to the next level by introducing the Froot Loops Mini Donut Milkshake. Fans of the donuts are eager for this new offering, which is said to feature Froot Loops’ signature blend of fruity flavors by mixing the mini donuts with an ice cream base and topping it all off with another mini donut and whipped cream. Make sure to get yours before they’re gone!

Incredible Edible Cookie Dough

Nestle Edible Dough

Your childhood dreams have come true! No longer can anyone tell you that eating raw cookie dough is bad for you when you have a craving for those classic Toll House cookies, but just can’t wait for the oven to heat. That’s right – Nestlé has finally rolled out their own edible cookie dough! Available in Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster and classic Chocolate Chip flavors, Toll House’s edible cookie dough has created quite the buzz on social media from long-time cookie dough fans who welcome this safer version of the risky treat. While safe-to-eat cookie dough certainly isn’t new, the addition of such a prominent brand into this space points to its sticking power. We’ll keep an eye out for more flavors from Nestlé as this trend continues!

Ditch the Straw – Spoon your Smoothie Instead!

This spring, Kraft Heinz and Dole have found the mass-market answer to the smoothie bowl craze: “spoonable” smoothies! While not typically known for products in the yogurt or juice categories, Kraft Heinz is expanding their offerings with 5 unique flavor combinations in the new Fruitlove “spoonable” smoothie brand. The diverse lineup mixes Greek yogurt with 4 or more fruits and vegetables to create a range of flavors, including: Strawberry Banana Twirl (strawberry, banana, rhubarb, raspberry, & carrot), Harvest Berry Blend (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, banana, carrot, & beet), Mango Medley (banana, pineapple, carrot, & mango), Pineapple Coconut Bliss (banana, pineapple, squash, & coconut), and Blueberry Dream (banana, apple, squash, & blueberry).

Inspired by the consumers’ love of the iconic Disney Dole Whip, Dole also debuted its version of “spoonable” smoothies this spring. In addition to the well-known pineapple banana flavor of the traditional Dole Whip, these smoothies are also offered in strawberry banana, both topped with toasted granola and coconut.

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