The Value of Organic Products: The New Natural

Sep 10, 2019Beverages, Categories, Nutrition, Savory, Snacks, Sweet Goods & Dairy

The most common questions I’ve been asked since the first meeting about organic certification four years ago is “Why offer organic certified flavors?” and “What value will organic products bring to our customers?” It’s a great question and something we constantly evaluate because the naturals market is constantly evolving.

So what IS the value of organic products?

Value #1: The Perception of Organic Products

Organic certified products are commonly perceived as some of the healthiest food and beverage options, associated with benefits such as better-for-you, pesticide-free, non-processed, non-GMO, and great for the environment. This perception – although not 100% true – is what drives this increasing demand for new organic products.

Value #2: The Leading Natural Claim

Consumers increasingly mistrust the term ‘natural’, so the regulation and organic seal bring comfort. There’s comfort knowing there are regulatory standards that must be proved to be deemed organic; although what those standards are link back to Value #1: The Perception of Organic.

No matter what, that organic seal drives purchase intent and desire for organic to evolve as the new norm for natural. 

Organic Complexities and Solutions

Organic has complexities that make it a difficult market to enter. For each brand those complexities have to be weighed against the incremental, potential value the certification can bring to a great tasting, conventional product. Some of those complexities are:

  • Limited supply of NOP (National Organic Program) certified raw materials 
  • Complex regulation interpretation and controls needed to comply with the regulation
  • Costs associated with creating the products: the raw materials and certification standards

The Givaudan team understands these barriers. And the solutions to these barriers are just one piece of our overall Sustainability and Sourcing for Shared Value strategies.

Organic is not the answer to everything. Nor is it the answer for all things sustainable. But it is an option available for our customers when the organic seal aligns with their products’ brands and stories.

Organic certified products are here to stay as part of the overall naturals movement. Together, through partnership, Givaudan can bring value to your product that will resonate with consumers who desire the ‘new natural.’ 

Brought to you by Guest Author: Kasey Reed-Long



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