Givaudan Partners with Trend Hunter at the ‘Best Innovation Conference Ever!’

Sep 23, 2019Beverages, Categories, Savory, Snacks, Sweet Goods & Dairy

We’re taking center stage this year! Trend Hunter’s Future Festival takes the Givaudan Team to Toronto in early October. Check it out…

For the first time, we’ve partnered with Trend Hunter to help you experience the future of flavors and improve your speed of innovation. Trend Hunter is one of the world’s largest and most popular trend communities. They leverage data, human trekking and AI to really dig deep in to what consumers think and what’s driving their behaviors. Created in 2005, the founder wanted a home for new ideas, creativity and innovation. Since then, it’s been a place where creative people become inspired to create more inspiring products and technologies!

At the Givaudan Trend Safari, we’ll use our VAS (Virtual Aroma Synthesizer®) to show how Digital Flavor Design works and how your teams can use it to create innovative new products quickly.

Then, later at the Future Party, visit University of California Riverside citrus grove without leaving TO, explore unique citrus varieties and grab your customized Moscow Mule.

We can’t tell you all the details of Givaudan at Future Fest, that wouldn’t be fun! So come see for yourself – join the Safari, the Igloo Cylinder at the Future Party, and then the bar with your personally selected cocktail…

Intrigue – and cocktails – are the spice of life!


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