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Oct 11, 2019Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

Chocolates. Gummies. Suckers. Chewies. Sours. Bars. Bites. Minis. Halloween is just around the corner and that means… SUGAR OVERLOAD!


Aside from spooky decorations and funny costumes, the most exciting part of Halloween is the variety of candies you’ll find on your shelves.

As always, we’re going to see spooky shapes in Peeps, Reeses, and SweetTarts; Oreo’s and Kit Kats colored orange; green apple flavor is going to take over Dove chocolate, Skittles and even Tic-Tacs. Luckily, we will see some originality in M&M’s with their “creepy coca crisp”, “candy corn” and “cookies and screeem” flavors. Mountain Dew is also releasing a “Voo Dew Mystery Flavor” which will, for sure, be a hit.

Consumers obviously love pumpkin flavors for Halloween, but they still want variety. When Givaudan surveyed US consumers, we asked “What flavors do you associate with Halloween?” See what they told us:


Apple Spice & Spiced Rum

It’s that time of year again when people bake apple pies and make homes smell like delicious cinnamon and apple. Everyone is getting ready for hayrides and apple picking to really get consumers in the holiday spirit. Another fall favorite is spiced rum, it delivers an oaky flavor with touches of cinnamon to deliver some caramel-like sweetness.

Nutty & Nougaty

A lot of the Halloween candy today has nuts and nougat goodness inside to give the treats more texture. We all need a little oomph in our days and what better way than some added mouthfeel to your favorite chocolates!

Marshmallows & Caramel Apples

Marshmallows typically are consumed as a fall or summer treat. This is driven by our fire-roasted favorites – s’mores! However, Peeps are among the top Halloween treats sold. Caramel apples are also a big hit for Halloween due to the popularity of apples.

Candy Corn

At the beginning, candy corn was actually called “chicken feed.” This made sense considering in those days corn was chicken feed. Chicken feed (the candy) had no association with Halloween. It was, however, a seasonal candy due to the tedious nature of the work. Candy Corn is officially in the top 3 most bought and consumed Halloween candies of all time. YUM!

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