Candy Canes and Cocktails: Classic Holiday Treats

Every year, as festive lights twinkle on our rooftops and snowflakes form a white blanket across neighborhood lawns, many people are reminded of the classic holiday treats that bring them the warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays.

Whether you like classic Christmas cookies or experiment with your own creations, most of us have a specific food or beverage item that reminds us of time spent with friends and family in the winter months.

Our Givaudan team wanted to share which Holiday treats turn up the holiday cheer and make them sing “Fa la la la la” all season long. Check out our favorites from last year and tell us your favorites in the comments section!


  1. I love this time of year, and I love getting to hear about other people’s family and holiday traditions!

  2. Super fun, interactive and cute presentation. Any of those treats with Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream in my coffee would make for a perfect late afternoon holiday treat!

  3. Awesome video… really loved seeing you all share your holiday favorites. Hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday favorites this Christmas!

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