You Down with CBD?

Jan 8, 2020Categories, Snacks

A new year means new health goals, right? Let’s look at CBD.

Whether for or against, CBD is now a household name. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it’s the natural substance derived from the cannabis plants. Let’s be clear: hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, CBD derived from marijuana is not. Marijuana-derived CBD (with high levels of THC) is only legal if your state has legalized marijuana. However, despite the regulations, consumer demand for cannabidiol snacks is growing.

Gen Z is more likely to turn to cannabis than alcohol, while men under 55 are most likely to be cannabis users. Already 34% of cannabis users have decreased alcohol consumption since legalization and nearly half of women agree that “marijuana is medicine for me”. While 64% of Americans support marijuana legalization, younger, more adventurous consumers are constantly seeking out unique, never-before-explored options. (Source: Mintel)

Favorite Flavors for CBD Snacks

Gummies are the most popular way consumers enjoy CBD snacks, but chocolate options are gaining momentum. The top North American cannabidiol snack flavor camps are: sour, fruity, and peanut buttery. Similarly, the top global cannabis flavor camps are chocolate, berries and summer fruits, and citrus.

What do Consumers Consume?

Because of the booming business, consumers obviously want cannabis products, but everyone has a different product and reason why they enjoy them. When Givaudan surveyed US consumers, we asked “In regards to edible and drinkable cannabis products, what are you consuming and why?” See what they told us:

The Shake Up

Combining CBD with food will continue to grow. Business are creating new food products; restaurants, cafes, and bars are adding cannabidiol to menu items. However, there is a bit of a speed bump along this route.

In November 2019, the FDA noted that CBD has the potential to harm consumers and potentially cause side effects that might not immediately be noticed. The regulatory group stated this based on a lack of scientific information, saying they cannot conclude cannabidiol is “generally recognized as safe among qualified experts for use in human and animal food.” However, the FDA also admitted that there are numerous aspects about cannabidiol that their agency doesn’t know yet.

So it’s important to realize that developing an official game plan for CBD as an additive to food or beverages is going to take a lot of time and might have a few regulatory bumps to cross.



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