Tasty Tweets March 2020: Smelling the Golden Arches, Llama Parties, & Cap’n Crunch Morning Glory

Mar 17, 2020Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

I have to tell you, the last few weeks have been filled with some amazing product launches. From Burger candles to Lucky Charm Hot Chocolate and Supreme X Oreo’s – there’s a lot of fun happening out there.

So the in the spirit of giving you something to laugh at while you’re self-quarantining or just want to think about something other than COVID-19, here’s 10 Tweets we thought you had to see…

1. Skittles. Are. My. Favorite. Period. End. Of. Discussion.
*Runs to computer to order from the UK.*


2. Who doesn’t organize their Skittles by color?


3. I need to get to a candy store in the UK.


4. Not gonna lie, I really need that pickle candle.


5. I really thought that was what I was supposed to do.


6. The sold out too quickly. I think about them often too.


7. Ain’t no party like a Llama Party, because a Llama Party don’t stop….


8. Me too, me too.


9. Honestly, it’s just a commercialized version of my childhood… Or am I the only one who put Lucky Charms in my hot chocolate?


10. I used to have nightmares about Cap’n Crunch as a kid, but this might cure that bad memory.



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  1. Jeff Teague

    How about one that smells like Fried Chicken!


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