TastyTweets May 2020: I scream for ice cream!

May 22, 2020Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

With people going stir-crazy in their homes this month, and warmer weather just around the corner (please?!), Twitter is all about Mother’s Day and ice cream! From genius co-branding to overly-indulgent, these Tweets make me want to try all of them!

  1. Wendy’s did something awesome. Combine Frosty flavored creamer and a Cappuccino? Yes, please!

2. Looking to add something new to your quarantine diet? Cheesecake Factory has you covered.


3. Bon V!V has figured out what moms really want for Mother’s Day – IOUs and refreshing hard seltzers!


4. Cold Stone Creamery is helping us get through this quarantine with build-your-own ice cream cupcakes and NEW! peanut butter cookie dough options


5. Cotton Candy and Frosted Animal Cracker blizzards from Dairy Queen are fun, nostalgic, and just in time for the beginning of summer


6. Now it’s socially acceptable for me to eat Pop-Tarts for dessert!



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