With everyone cooped up in the house the last few months, I think we’re all craving some “summer fun”. Twitter has been all about the indulgent treats that get us in the mood for summer! From late night snacks to instant delicious classics, these Tweets have me drooling!

1. I don’t think we can start a Tasty Tweets for June without starting with these things! The world is torn….

These kids’ excitement for the cookie is too cute…

Even I got in on the reviewing action….

2. I know this is a simple one, but have you tried it?? There are real chunks of delicious brownies in these!! Talk about addicting!

3. Have you ever seen something so beautiful in your entire life? Melted butter on a toasty waffle next to a crispy fried chicken- I CANT EVEN!

4. Nothing says summer nights like a perfectly stacked s’more!

5. For me, the best part of the s’more is the marshmallow! Now put that in a cookie, and it’s heaven on Earth!

6. OK I didn’t even know this was a thing but I’m willing to give it a try based on how delicious this picture looks! And I’m a sucker for anything with the word “fry ” in it.

7. I’m not typically a vegetable guy but these look too good to pass up! If kids will eat it, chances are, I can stomach it too!

8. If you’re looking to make something with your kids that isn’t super healthy, heart-shaped donuts are always an easy bet! YUM!

9. Now this is something I’ve only seen in my dreams!! My two favorite summer snacks coming together to make one glorious treat! How did I not think of this before?

Might as well end here, because nothing will top it.

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  1. Ummmm, let’s not be throwing around the word “fries” so loosely. Honeydew cut into sticks does not meet my criteria for Fry classification 😉

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