Walking down the beverage aisle you can’t help but revel in the amount of
daring, unique, and bold new products that line the shelves. There have been a tremendous amount of innovative launches over the years, everything from fermented fascinations to adult premium beverages targeted for the celebratory occasion, and now CBD, hemp, and cannabis-infused beverages.

Our refreshment beverage publication does a deep dive into the three themes we have seen influence refreshment beverages.

  1. Adult Premium Beverages: Mocktails have made their way into bars and restaurants across North America as consumers are looking for healthier beverages that still make them feel as though they are imbibing.
  2. Functional Beverages: With health and wellness being the mantras of our society today, brands have taken note of the popularity of functional ingredients and adapted ingredients delivering wellness benefits into their beverages.
  3. One Size Does NOT Fit All: Across industries, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach no longer applies, and flavors are no different – instead, it is necessary to find the right flavor for the right consumer.

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