Relaxation in a cup: Beverages with a botanical twist

Jul 17, 2020Beverages, Categories, Nutrition

Who couldn’t use a relaxing beverage right about now? As we have entered a virtual world, where your day consists of looking at a screen all day, being available on-demand, there are many common concerns we all can relate to. One major concern is trying to find ways to rewind and relax – and answer the question, “when is the right time to shut down and turn off?”

Well, our consumers are feeling the same way. Now more than ever, consumers are increasingly looking for relaxation functions in their beverages, partially due to this fast-paced and on-demand virtual space we are now getting accustomed to living in. To find proof of this trend, one needs to look no further than the current rapidly growing market for relaxation beverages. 

And now, with the help of Givaudan’s proprietary functional insights research, we are able to identify consumer understanding and pair that with botanical ingredients that can be positioned around stress & sleep in soft drinks, dairy and plant-based products.

So what do consumers really want? 

To sleep better, practice self-care (wellness, holistic health), and to lower and address anxiety and stress. When we asked consumers what ingredients are associated with relaxation, botanicals came out on top. In the US over 50% of consumers associated lavender and chamomile with stress reduction.  

Mindfulness and Stress/ Sleep

In a  time of quarantine and social distancing, mindfulness and internal reflection are happening. We are seeing consumers going back to the basics and trying to incorporate cooking simple, nourishing meals and looking for comfort in a warm cup of herbal tea. 

For thousands of years, botanicals have been used to combat stress and sleeplessness. That is the purpose of our new range of brewed herbal tea concentrates for mood and relaxation. The herbal tea concentrates bring the typical taste profile associated with Naturex’s new line of floral infusions – lavender, chamomile, hibiscus, and passionflower – and combine it with consumer-friendly labeling as an “infusion”, helping to remind your customers of traditional teas. 

Bring it to life

We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep regulations in mind when creating your next relaxation beverage. Givaudan has a team of regulatory professionals here to help you through the process. We can incorporate clean sustainably sourced ingredients with usage levels in line with your product’s stories to help bring your products to life. Givaudan is always there to put data and expertise to work to help address this concern need-state for their customers. 



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