TastyTweets August 2020: Sanity Savers

Aug 14, 2020Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

With 2020 being a testing year, the public needs nothing more than sanity savers in the form of food or drink. Whether that means caffeine to keep us going or a ready-made hand-held ‘wich eliminating the need to do more dishes. Or a treat to camouflage that you are not enjoying an adult beverage *wink* – we’ve got it all here for you with our top 5 fun trendy finds + a bonus. In no particular order or ranking btw. The real truth in this is how these products seem to be launched in the right place at the right time with a twist to compliment our new norm.


Trader Joe’s Cheese-less “Cheesecake”

TJ is the man so I am not surprised by his game in dairy-free desserts. Instagram users scream from their captions “MY LAWD GOOO GET THIS” giving this plant-based personal-sized dessert a 10/10. Vegans and the dairy-free are delighted they have a new way to partake in indulgent emotional eating. They were even shouting their praises for the opportunity to celebrate National Cheesecake Day. See, it’s the little things these days.

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La Colombe Cold Brew On Tap Fridge Pack

I had to check their website to see if this was real. It 1000% is. An entire gallon of cold brew that gets shipped to your house. It even has a tap. Genius. La Colombe delivers on meeting consumers needs so many ways: literally delivering – caffeine in bulk. There is a right time and a right place for product launches and this is so perfect.



Honey Mama’s Tahini Tangerine

At first glance you may think this flavor isn’t for me so I am just going to drop this here: “Chocolaty and nutty flavors in a rich, truffle-like textured base are complimented with delightfully crunchy bits of cacao nibs, and finished with a hint of tangerine. This bar is at once comfortingly familiar and wildly new.” Yum. Sign me up.


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Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Cashews & Maple Almond Butter Almonds

“Uh Oh. New addiction.” and “Dangerously good.” are just two Instagram warning labels for this TastyTweet. This nutty combination with a touch of sweet maple is the indulgent pop we didn’t know we need in our day. Move over pumpkin spice – maple is coming in hot this fall.



Not only does this product save one more dish from washing, these look delicious. Instagram users agree “These are so goood” and lots of drooly emoji faces sprinkle the comments of Chubby pictures. A twist on the good ol’ PB&J with almond butter, blueberry jam on artisan bread. Other flavor combinations are available too. They are also organic and have “No Junk.” These nostalgic easy-peasy any time of day food that doesn’t come with the baggage of having to wash dishes or silverware is an add to cart in our book.

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Tipsy Scoops Truly Hard Seltzer Ice Cream and Sorbet

I think my favorite comment on Tipsy Scoops is “This is beyond a tease.” People are so psyched for this and it brings a new meaning to having a cold one. Tipsy Scoops created hard seltzer ice cream that can also be used to make a float with a can of Truly. So smart and brings new excitement to the hard seltzer space. Is there a better way to cap off the final dog days of the summer than a boozy float?

If the above are sanity savers then ‘add to cart’ has been my sanity savior for the past 5 months. Can you believe it has been 5 months? These times are odd but it is intriguing to watch brands and products wiggle and emerge to provide their new value in our lives.

See you next month for more TastyTweets but in the meantime, it is your time to shine: What has been your sanity saver? Comment below ▼



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