Our quarterly Social Senses blog posts got a face lift! These posts moving forward will be created in partnership with Tastewise, who monitors social media activity in the food and beverage world. They’re a new source to us, so these posts will have a slightly different look and feel,while still providing the latest and greatest from consumers’ homes to retail shelves. This post includes listening dates: April 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020.


Refreshing beverages are up 33.5% from this time last year and continuing to climb. Consumers have looked to refreshment to beat the heat and take them to a comforting mood state. COVID-19 has given consumers a sense of uncertainty and being able to relax and unwind has become a necessary need state. Here are some examples of beverages consumers have looked to for refreshment.

Whether you’re looking to make a drink at home (homemade beverages are up 80% from this time last year) or grab one on the go there are plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.


Sweet beverages are up up up at a 32% increase from this time last year. As consumers are stuck at home they have leaned on sweeter drinks and treats to get them through the day. There’s nothing like a little sugar pick me up after a long day. Check out these examples of sweet beverages.


Something we have always needed a little more of, has become even more important during this timeframe. Energy in beverage is up 69% from this time last year. Consumers who are rolling out of bed right before their first meeting of the day and skipping the commute are looking to new ways to increase their energy levels and start the day. Energy drink brands have rolled out new and exciting flavors to appeal to a larger audience and consumers have gotten creative at home by making coffee hybrids.

As you can see COVID-19 has directly impacted what is happening in the beverage space. It will be interesting to see what happens in Q3 as consumers become more familiar with the virus.

Our social listening is provided by Tastewise, with interpretation by our analysts.

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