Together While Apart with Family Recipes

Nov 25, 2020Categories, Savory

Every Thanksgiving, I wake up to my mom blasting 80s Michael Jackson and the smell of the beginnings of dinner in the air. I already know my role, and I begin creating the famous light rolls, using the recipe card that has been passed down through generations. It dates as far back as we can trace our family history. The bread is what takes the longest to make, but is the most anticipated and celebrated food we eat together (I easily eat 10, no shame here).

42% of people said that social interaction is one of the hardest things to give up because of COVID-19 (Mintel). Family recipes are a great way to be – and stay – connected, even though we have to be apart during these times. It allows us to share a moment with not only living, but past generations, and feel a sense of normalcy.

Family at thankgiving where man is cutting turkey with his daughter

No Longer a Family Secret

Although some families are like mine, where even speaking a word of sharing with outsiders earns you a death glare, others are sharing their favorite family recipes online. Check out some of the fastest growing family recipes people are tapping into during these strange times:

  • Cornbread Pudding
  • Slow Cooker Roast
  • Challah

Understanding The Importance of Connection​

Many can relate to the tradition of family recipes, and how it brings comfort and connection to our culture and ourselves. Givaudan recognizes this importance, which is why we focus on Human Connection as one of our larger trends for FlavourVision. The COVID lens also resonates with me, as it is all about reconnecting to the joys of cooking and time with family, intimacy, and community.

This Thanksgiving, I look forward to stuffing my face with honey baked ham, yams, and of course those light rolls. Although I can’t be with family how I’d like, I know they’ll be there in spirit. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe!



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