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Co-Author: Ashley Wesley, Product Manager

From raw, candied, roasted, toasted, and milked, everyone is going nuts about… well nuts! I know you’re all thinking about that ONE person that sifts through the nut container to find their absolute favs. (Umm… guilty as charged!) My go-to are almonds and cashews with a side of dark chocolate. I can see my husband sighing at me right now as he opens the container to find the remnants that I’ve picked through.

Pesky Allergies

I’ve been fortunate enough to not be allergic to these crunchy little snacks, nor do I have anyone in my immediate family that struggles with this daily. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine the exhaustive measures that have to be taken. From checking ingredients, package claims or asking the wait staff at your favorite restaurant how a dish was prepared. I can tell you I’ve certainly taken this for granted.

Well, what if I told you about a little known fact… Givaudan Flavors creates natural nut flavors that actually allow you to enjoy the flavor nuances without the potential life threatening reaction.  I’m sure you’re curious, skeptical or maybe even a bit scared. I get it! There’s a lot at stake here. Well, we use this big fancy word called “non-proteinaceous”. Basically, in layman’s terms we have the ability to remove the protein that triggers that nasty allergic reaction.

Nuts in the Snack Space

Nuts are well positioned within the snacking space, as 88% of consumers view them as a good source of protein and 86% of consumers find them healthier than other snacks. Parents are significantly more likely to turn to nuts. The portability, naturalness, and nutrition of nuts make them a perfect fit for parents looking for easy snacks that are also good for their children. They are a versatile snack and there are currently more opportunities in the sweet nut variety as 51% of consumers would like to see more sweet nuts.

What We Offer

At Givaudan, we pride ourselves on our strict processing controls, ensuring cross-contamination doesn’t occur. We want to bring all of these flavors to you, specifically for those consumers struggling with this allergy. From peanut, almond, pecan, and more our flavor creatively is truly endless. So go on and get crackin’ and let’s create something memorable together!



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