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Apr 2, 2021Categories, Snacks

Everyone Loves a Combeback

Cereal has always been a staple for many household breakfasts. Few things are better than gathering around the table with family and a big bowl of cereal! However, we live in a fast paced world. Because of this, many pre-COVID-19 consumers were skipping breakfast or eating a quick meal on the go.

But I bring good news! Cereal is making a comeback. This is thanks to people quarantined at home with a little more time on their hands in the morning. According to Mintel, even as consumers return to their workplaces and foodservice reopens, the preference toward home-made, sit-down breakfasts are likely to continue to have an impact in the post-COVID-19 reality.

A spoonful of cereal

Functional Cereal

Covid-19 also brought a new wave of healthy eating for consumers. People are looking to eat food with cleaner ingredients and brands are taking note. Clearing a path at the breakfast table is functional cereal! There is further potential to innovate around functional attributes such as immune support and stress relief and moving towards simplicity as well as environmental-friendliness.

To be honest, I’ve never been much of a “cereal guy”. Growing up, my mom would throw me a Pop-Tart before school and send me on my way. Since marrying a Registered Dietitian, however, my mornings are filled with nutritious foods. Items like Kind Bars, scrambled eggs, Gluten Free toast and a handful of pre-biotics are regulars for my morning meals. But since quarantine my wife has had more time to try new foods and among them were functional cereals. Again, to be honest, I did not care for a lot of them but a fellow Givaudan Marketer told me to try a new brand: Magic Spoon.


New Brands Emerge

With Functional cereal becoming a growing trend, we are seeing more brands coming to market. HighKey has introduced low-carb, grain-free protein cereals that come in three flavors. Nature’s Path Organic Regenerative Organic Instant Oatmeal is a limited edition product, celebrating Earth Day. Cultivated with specific methods that capture more carbon from the atmosphere, it helps tackle climate change. Mom’s Best Cereals Crispy Cocoa Rice is made using renewable wind energy. According to the package, ‘We purchase wind energy credits to offset 100% of the electricity used to make the cereal in this box’.

I highly suggest trying a functional cereal instead of the traditional sugary-treat we’re used to, even if it seems out of your wheelhouse. I was pleasantly surprised by how great “healthy” cereal can taste. In all honesty, I didn’t miss the traditional cereal at all. Go to your local store and try something new!



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