Chocolate: The Ultimate Indulgence

Apr 16, 2021Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

Some say chocolate is the ultimate indulgence. It’s a comforting flavor that almost everyone likes. Whether you prefer milk or dark, you can always depend on it giving rise to fond memories of days gone by, as well as creating new memories. You can find this flavor on almost every restaurant menu and in nearly every aisle in the grocery store! In addition, it is also loved around the world, with each culture having its own unique take.

So Much Opportunity!

The top emotions consumers associate with chocolate in the US are: satisfied, happy, cheerful, and excited (Givaudan Primary research). In other words, there’s just something about chocolate that embraces us like an old friend. However, there’s always opportunities to experiment. Luckily, for chocolate-lovers, chocolate is a season-less flavor (Givaudan Seasons). This means there’s an opportunity to pair it with other flavors that have strong seasonal ties to create products and dishes that consumers are sure to like. Chocolate is one of those flavors that draws in consumers from almost every demographic. Therefore, brands should consider pairing it with some more adventurous flavors to keep consumers engaged.

The Complexities of Chocolate

Now that you’re probably dying for a piece of chocolate… can you describe what it tastes like? You might say terms like “cocoa” or “creamy” or even “milk” or “dark”. We asked our flavorists “what components are used in creating a chocolate flavor?”. They helped expose the layers of complexity it really has. Beyond cocoa (the main building block), our flavorists consider notes like “roasted”, “vanillic”, “caramelic”, and even a little bit of magic. There are so many ways to experience this flavor and each way requires a specific profile.

Our flavorists explained it as follows: you wouldn’t use the same chocolate flavor in a kids’ cereal as you would in a pre-workout protein shake or a chocolate syrup. In short, considering the end product is crucial for developing the right flavor for the right consumer.

See? Chocolate has many complex layers that are waiting to be discovered. If you have a favorite chocolate recipe or product, share it in the comments! And if you are looking to delve into the world of these flavors, contact your Givaudan Account Manager.



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