Cocktail Flavor of the Month: Spiced Orange

Apr 21, 2021Beverages, Categories, Seasonal Flavor Insights

“Back to Normal”

If there is one thing the pandemic has done, it has heightened our awareness for comfort and connection. We anxiously look forward to those days of “normal” where events and experiences are more of a reality and less of a distant memory. We crave a sense of physical and mental security. In the time where physical security and comfort are not immediate, most consumers have been turning to food. Specifically spices. An example we will be talking about today is spiced orange.

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Spice Spice Baby!

Spices were traditionally used in hot drinks during the Fall and Winter to bring warmth and comfort. Think of a hot toddy or mulled wine. However they can be used outside of these seasons and hot drinks! They add layers of complexity, enhance nuances and overall can elevate the drinking experience. At Givaudan, we understand not only flavors but about flavor and spice combination. Not only are we experts in spices but have a deep understanding about citrus which is a flavor that pairs well with spices. Take a look at our UCR Citrus Collection, better yet go on the Virtual Trek.

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Grandma Inspired Spiced Orange Cocktail

Wisp of aromas and taste of flavors can always transport us back to good memories of our grandparents. When we asked Portfolio Manager, Juan Sanchez to to create a cocktail using spiced orange, he immediately thought about his grandmother. Juan created a delicious Sangria. With the Spiced Orange flavor, a combination of different alcohols and grenadine syrup

Spiced orange cocktail

Every Christmas, my grandmother makes torta negra- black rum cake. After baking she soaks the cake, loaded with candied citrus, in sweet dark rum. This flavor brings back that memory

So, think about how you can elevate your beverage profiles with spices. Until next time: Be safe, be happy and drink responsibly!


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