No Place Like Local, Hometown Bakeries

May 18, 2021Categories, Sweet Goods & Dairy

There’s no place like home – and one of the comforts of your hometown (be it small or big) is the local bakery…or bakeries. Bless the people who are passionate and talented enough to open up a shop where they sell their delicious treats! Where else would I buy desserts or brunch necessities?! I appreciate these local shops and the unique perspective they provide for bakery items. Although I can make a cake from a mix, local bakeries provide something much tastier with that homemade feel.

So what is it about your local bakery that keeps you coming back? Why do those cookies, cupcakes, or cinnamon rolls taste so much better than the packaged ones at the grocery store? Taste is king, obviously. But there’s something else that you experience even before you take your first bite. It’s part of a trend that Givaudan has identified as Human Connection. Hometown bakeries embody this trend, because consumers seek to connect with others in several ways, and one of those is through local food options. Bakery is rooted deep in human history – thank the Romans. We’ve even got an expression for sharing a meal and spending time with others…”breaking bread”. Kitchens are often the heart of a home and bread and bakery items are frequently shared with others.

We also seek connection with others by experiencing the foods they have connections with. This includes local specialties. Many midwestern cities have bakeries that specialize in different European-style baked goods – for example, Cincinnati has a German influence and you can see that in their local bakeries such as Servatii or Busken Bakery. Stereotypical small town bakeries also have the same appeal, because you probably know the owner somehow and you can taste their passion for baking in every product you try. They may have a specialty item that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Experience Local Taste in Packaged Goods

So what if you don’t have local baked goods just down the street? What if your source of baked goods (outside your own kitchen) is a large retailer or grocer? There are some things you can look for that provide a homemade feel. Search for terms on the package like “artisan”, “European-style”, “small-batch”, and of course…”homemade”. These are good indicators that the products are a different quality than mass-baked chocolate chip cookies. Also, flavors and ingredients can hint at a more homemade product. Look for provenance claims like Georgia Peach or California Raspberry or terms like “hand-picked” or “locally-sourced”.

Famous Local Bakeries to Try

Here are a few local bakeries to put on your list when you visit these cities! If you’re ever in San Fran, be sure to stop by b.patisserie to try their French creations. Denver is host to Babettes Artisan Bread where almost every day they sell out of their artisan breads and pastries, which have a unique “burnt” look which signals their caramelized touch. Lastly, if you’re in the windy city of Chicago, stop in to Baker Miller to experience the carefully selected and milled grains by a dynamic husband and wife duo.

Do you have a hometown bakery or favorite local delight you want to share with the world? Spread the love and leave us a comment!



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