• Throughout the show, it is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic and health were discussed. This major shift in focus around health has led to dramatic changes in our day-to-day lives and is evident within the dietary supplement space.  

With more people focused on improving their health and trying to stay healthy, vitamin and supplement use has risen significantly. In fact, according to NBJ’s 2021 Supplement Business Report, the supplement market saw 14.5% sales growth and marked the fastest growth in supplement sales history. 

However, there still is some questioning as to how the supplement industry is going to figure out what lessons we can learn from 2020. Therefore, it was great to hear some industry professionals talk about the space at the 2021 Natural Products Expo West

Our key takeaways from the Discover Supplement session are: 

  • Top trends driving category growth:
    • Building trust with Transparency, Science and Time-honored ingredients
    • Ensuring high functioning products around Sleep, Cognitive, Immunity and Weight management
      • -Source (New Hope Network – NEXT Data & Insights)
  • Attribute drivers for growth in the supplement space
    • Functional ingredients like zinc saw over 100% growth.
    • Health focuses around sleep, cognitive health and mood continue to see growth.
    • The format gaining most growth are gummies, soaring at 42% growth
      • – Source (SPINS Natural Enhanced Channel and SPINS Conventional Multi Outlet (powered by IRI) | 52 Weeks Ending 4-18-2021)
  • Online trends lead the way before they happen in-store, Amazon dominates eCommerce and makes up over 70% of online supplement sales.
    • -Source (ClearCut Analytics- Expo West Discover Supplements: Trends & Innovative Products)

During this session, it concluded with some supplement product-specific trends. First and probably most obvious, growth in condition-specific supplements during the pandemic boom with a highlight or focus on immunity was  used as gateway into other categories that resonate with consumer interest. Similarly, ingredients are very important for how to deliver certain benefits but many consumers seem to shop for conditions and benefits call-outs. In addition, the focus on hero ingredients, utilizing trademark or patented ingredients to ensure quality and are being used to help build trust. Then finally, it is important to note that other adjacent conditions like stress, weight loss, inflammation, and total body support were all mentioned to see potential growth in consumer interest.

-Source( Nutrition Business Journal, Expo West Discover Supplements: Trends & Innovative Products)

Exciting Brands we saw exhibiting:

  • Ladybug Potions- I love myself– Mood & Whole Body supplement with benefits that make emotional connection
    • With this example, we can see this brand is looking towards a holistic wellness approach to nourishing not just your physical, but supporting with mental, & emotional health.
  • Youtheory- Turmeric Powder 5oz.- Featuring Turmipure GOLD- A main and high emphasis on the ingredients and the science to back it.
    • In addition, this brand’s main focus seems to be on quality by committing to guaranteed purity, potency and traceability of every product
  • Probulin- Total Care Immune Probiotic– A pres, pros and posts combined with elderberry
    • For instance, this brand is all about digestion and ways to support your body’s microbiome. With this new product launch around gut health it is interesting to see the inclusion of elderberry to help bring a well known ingredient for immune health, showcaseing that one benefit is not enough for consumers.

Ultimately we know there will be some challenges to face after such a growth year but we think the future looks bright for the supplement space as the pandemic has reminded people the best way to stay healthy is to be healthy. There will be health habits that have formed that will need to be supported and continue to stay connected to. 

Keep a lookout for our next 2021 Expo West recap on beverages.

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