Cocktails in Costa Rica: A Look at Hispanic Beverages

Aug 4, 2021Beverages, Categories

Hispanic Influence on Beverage

It is no surprise that Hispanics and Hispanic beverages have a large influence on the beverage category. From Margaritas to Ranch water, we see it on every menu. And this influence of course shows no signs of slowing down as the Hispanic population increases. Here are the fastest growing Hispanic-Influenced Cocktails, according to Datassential:

  • Mexican Mule (160% growth)
  • Paloma (92% growth)
  • Watermelon Margarita (76% growth)
  • Jalapeño Margarita (68% Growth)
  • Michelada (60% Growth)
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The Hispanic population is currently 62 million in the US (about 18.7%) and is expected to continue to grow exponentially, according to Nielsen. Their buying power also grew by 69% from 2010-2019, outpacing non-hispanics, who increased by 41%.

Costa Rican Cocktail Experience

If you know me, you know one of my favorite places in the world is Costa Rica. I love their “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life” lifestyle that is all about being relaxed and living life to the fullest. Recently I visited the beautiful country for the third time, this time as a Givaudan employee. As you may have noticed on this blog, there’s a lot of mention of Hispanic foods… but not Hispanic beverages. Well, I wanted to change that! Luckily for me (and my friends that I went with), in my previous visits I made a friend of a bartender. He agreed to come over and make me some of the most popular drinks in Costa Rica. Here’s a video on how that went:

In conclusion, the drinks we tasted were fresh, no added sugar, and of course, delightful! Which would you choose?


  • A mojito, a classic Hispanic beverage
  • Passionfruit Margarita
  • Watermelon Wave Drink
  • A Pina Colada, a classic Hispanic beverage

Honorable Mentions: Cacique and Coco Loco

Bottles of a Hispanic beverage called Cacique

As mentioned in the video, Cacique (meaning “chief”) Guaro is known as “the spirit of Costa Rica”. Aside from beer, this is considered to be the top drink in Costa Rica. This sugar cane spirit is 30% alcohol, and is my absolute favorite. It amazes me how well it blends into drinks. Many drink this straight, as a chiliguaro shot, or cacique sour. This drink is only available in Costa Rica, but you may be able to get it shipped internationally.

Man pouring rum into a coconut to make a Hispanic beverage called Coco Loco

The “Coco Loco” is a unique drink we saw on every menu, usually listed under “signature cocktails”. The ingredients include coconut water, coconut cream, rum and tequila. Andres made us a shot of this, but we also saw it mainly served in a fresh coconut, pictured to the right. This picture captures a vendor who came up to us on the beach, and grabbed a coconut, cracked it open, and added in the ingredients. This drink was of course extremely refreshing, and not overly sweet.


Beer Still Top Hispanic Beverage


A sign advertising Imperial beer

Although cocktails are popular on menus, you of course will find many locals at the bars and at home with a beer in hand. The most popular beer in the part of Costa Rica I was in was Imperial. It is so popular, it is one of the first advertisements you see in the Liberia airport! In the advertisement, they even claim to be “La Cerveza de Costa Rica” or “The Beer of Costa Rica”.

We know this is true among Hispanic Americans as well. According to Mintel, it is the second most consumed alcohol, only beat by Tequila. Hispanic Americans are also the target market for Imported beers, due to the culturally relevant connection, according to Mintel.

Whether it be imported beer or complex cocktails, I’m so excited to see what new Hispanic-Influenced drink pop up on the menu. What is your favorite Hispanic beverage? Let us know in the comments!



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