Look at all these Meat Snacks!

Aug 12, 2021Categories, Snacks

So Many Options!

Maybe It’s just me, but when I think of meat snacks, I think of Slim Jim’s beef jerky. However, I went to the store yesterday and happened to walk down the meat snack aisle and wow, was I surprised. I could not believe how many options there were for meat based snacks. So many brands, so many applications and so many flavors. I was blown away!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge “meat snack” guy but I was so intrigued by what I saw that I had to buy some products and try them out.

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My Meat Snack Reviews

First, I tried Tillamook’s Zero Sugar Smoked Sausage. I was pleasantly surprised to see this beef and pork stick with no sugar, carbs, artificial ingredients and sweeteners taste so great! Second, is another stick, but an uncured pepperoni, turkey based stick. It didn’t look or smell like a meat stick so I was hesitant to taste it, but it wasn’t bad. I think turkey based alternatives like these are perfect for people who are looking for healthier options in the meat snack space.

I moved along to a really interesting snack from the Epic brand- Maple Glazed & Smoked Salmon Bites. Again, seeing alternative options to sausage and peperoni is really cool. I love smoked salmon and though these little square bites didn’t look like a typical meat snack- they we’re highly enjoyable. Premium meat snacks like these continues to grow and Innovation with flavors, formats and vegan offerings are really keeping the meat snack space alive.

bags of Private Selction brand flavored meat snacks and jerky

Luckily I don’t have the “meat sweats” yet, so I’m powering on. Next I tried the Private Selection “Tequila Serrano” Beef jerky bites. I blame everyone in my life for never telling me this existed! I was automatically addicted. It’s sweet, yet, smoky, but packs enough heat to keep me intrigued. I loved it! Serrano is a green pepper which brings the spice but paired with the sweet tequila flavor, oh man, chefs kiss!

I moved right along to the Black Sesame & Ginger turkey jerky. I don’t like ginger much and turkey based snacks aren’t my thing, but the black sesame was dynamite! Anyone looking for a more subtle type of jerky will love this. I was most excited to try the Kalbi-B-Que Beef jerky and it did not disappoint! This was probably my favorite meat snack of the day simply because I love Korean BBQ so much.

Looking at all these snacks (and barely able to move) really showed me just how far meat snacks have come. My biggest regret is not exploring these new flavors and variations sooner! Please don’t make my mistake and wait to try these amazing new offerings!



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