Flavor Daters: Who’s your match?

Aug 24, 2021Beverages, Categories, Nutrition, Savory, Snacks, Sweet Goods & Dairy

If you were going on a date with a flavor, who would it be?

You might be thinking: “You can’t use the pronoun ‘who’ with flavor because it is just a thing.” But flavor is more than a ‘just a thing’ to us. Flavors are our world to be cheesy about it. We see their different personalities and that thought alone spurred some unique proprietary Givaudan research. You guessed it. We found out from consumers their thoughts on what personality traits align with flavors, foods and drinks.

Flavor Personalities

Over 40 flavors, foods and beverages were tested to find out their inherent connection to certain personality traits. Around 1500 respondents participated in the research too. We have set up Flavor Daters to give you a fun preview of our findings through online dating profiles to showcase the different flavor personalities. To find out your match backed by Givaudan consumer research, answer just 5 questions in the quiz below.




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