Givaudan’s Storefront: Windows of Opportunity

Oct 29, 2021Beverages, Categories

Givaudan Moves to Ecommerce

The window of opportunity opens quickly – and it can shut just as quickly. In a way, this is one of the considerations that prompted Givaudan’s to open an online store. 

Our new, online Givaudan Storefront platform on Knowde, offers a broad collection of flavors and taste tools tailor-made for product developers who need to get to market quickly.

Simply put, we provide a digital and mobile interface that allows our customers to access and explore hundreds of Givaudan products at their convenience. This allows us to put great, proven flavors on your bench more quickly to help accelerate product development. And when it comes to product development, speed matters to you, which is why it’s so important to us. Recently, we took this mindset behind our e-commerce efforts a step further.

COVID-19 Takes Effect

At this point, all of us have begun to see evidence of supply chain disruptions fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disruptions have greatly impacted the pace of new product innovation in most established food and beverage categories. You likely have noticed fewer new products in the aisles and on display in your local supermarkets as a result. 


But Flavored Beers, Hard Seltzers, and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktails are Alcohol Beverage categories that seem to be an exception. Naturally, where strong growth exists, brands will continue to jump into the fray with new product offerings. From the largest global brands to much smaller specialty and locally distributed brands, everyone seems to be jumping in as fast as they can.

Givaudan Takes on Beer and RTD Trends

It was this observation that served as the motivation for our recent Beer and RTD Cocktails Virtual Open House event. Over 300 entrepreneurs, product developers, marketers, innovation directors, procurement managers, and consultants registered for our September event.

Attendees learned more about:

  • Working with flavors in alcohol beverages from the bench
  • Trends in the Beer and RTD Alcohol Beverage categories
  • Relevant consumer trends
  • Seasonal flavors
  • The plethora of citrus varieties that can be used in product development
  • How to quickly explore and sample flavors to help accelerate product development.


Key Takeaways

One of the key highlights was our interactive session with our friend and renowned Master Bartender, Dean McHomes, of Cincinnati’s Circle Hospitality (Sundry & Vice, Comfort Station). He created a dynamic cocktail, live, while explaining his thought process for crafting unique and delicious libations. Dean shared his observations regarding trending flavors and taste experiences among his clientele and around the industry. He also offered his personal opinions regarding “what’s hot” in the alcohol beverage space.

Many of our attendees commented on insights that they found particularly interesting. For instance, most were surprised by Givaudan’s proprietary data that shows that consumers are largely indifferent to seeing “natural flavors” on the ingredients label of craft beers. Others remarked that they didn’t realize that caffeine is allowed in alcoholic beverages, as long as it is naturally occurring.

Our Store Offers Over 800 Flavors and Taste Tools

Hosting this event gave us the opportunity to showcase our online store, (where you can explore 250 flavors and taste tools that are TTB approved) and the unsurpassed industry expertise behind it.  With so many flavors to choose from and to use alone or in combination, the new product possibilities in the RTD Alcohol space are seemingly endless. And even if you’re interests lie in other consumer categories and applications outside of alcohol, speed to market is still vitally important. So we have built an online store for you to explore and sample that includes well over 800 flavors and taste tools, all of which reflect the same industry-leading expertise that customers have relied upon for centuries. 

All are available in our sample library now so that we can rush them to your bench and get you started on developing your next winning product as quickly as possible. Click HERE to begin exploring Givaudan flavors online today.

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