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Dec 9, 2021MarketBites, Nutrition, Savory

Fire-Up Your Thanksgiving Meal

This year, Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL. Protein (aka the Big Cluck, Cluck) Turkey is the star of the show! But, let’s be honest, what folks look forward to is the abundance of savory sides to choose from that fill our bellies with joy. As we blessed the food and expressed our thankfulness as a family for making it through another pandemic year in good health, I glanced at the plethora of food choices we had. For the first time, we had more vegetable dishes than carbohydrates. Was that by design? Unbeknownst to me, I didn’t plan it this way.

People gathered around a table for Thanksgiving with turkey, sweet potatoes, wine, roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce.

Veggies Coming in Hot

The plant-based movement of consuming more vegetables is here to stay and at my Thanksgiving feast, the veggies were completely devoured. I know you may be questioning this, asking, really, the vegetables? How were they prepared?

Until now, only my close friends and family know that I’ve been on my culinary journey these past few months, managing our line of vegetable purees and juice by day and putting on my chef coat at night. While mastering my culinary techniques, I have learned how critical the cooking methods of vegetables are in the building blocks of a successful savory cuisine.

I prepared several vegetable dishes featuring a vast range of cooking methods.

  • Oven-broiled asparagus with clarified butter, garlic and lemon juice
  • Green beans, grilling them on the stovetop with olive oil, salt and then sautéed with onions, toasted almonds and finished with lemon juice
  • Collard greens spiced it up with jalapeno, red bell peppers and smoked to perfection with turkey pieces
  • Brussel sprouts marinated in zesty Italian dressing then oven-roasted until each one was caramelized and finished with kosher salt

Givaudan’s Fire-Roasted Line

Vegetables and proteins may differ greatly, but the techniques of applying heat by flame, by fire, by roasting and grilling yield the same result: savory, flavorful, crave-able food.

At Givaudan, we offer a unique line of Authentically Fire-Roasted & Kettle-Cooked veggie purees that are all about layers of rich flavors, including fire-kissed, caramelized vegetable notes, sautéed and slow-cooked peppers, onion and garlic; the holy trinity of vegetables and building blocks of savory cuisine. 

Variety of vegetables such as peppers, corn, tomatoes, onion roasting on a grill

We continue our innovation with the launch of three new purees; fire-roasted butternut squash, fire-roasted mushroom, and sautéed mushroom! We make it turn-key for our food manufacturing partners to literally “Fire Up the Flavor” and give consumers exactly the types of savory, salivating flavors and textures they want in their finished products.

Fire-Roasted in Aisle 5

Even in the finished products in the grocery store aisles, we continue to see new, innovative SKUs using fire-roasted ingredients, like this wheat pasta. And don’t forget about the crowd favorite salsa! If you haven’t caught onto the Fire up the Flavor trend, get on board, you don’t want to miss these savory, flavorful tastes.

Bag of fire toasted wheat pasta by Natura Gourmet
Natura Gourmet Fire Toasted Wheat
jar of fire-roasted tomato salsa from Saso Pepper Co.
Saso Pepper Co Fire-Roasted Tomato Classic Roja Salsa

Add Fuel to the Flavor

If you’re looking for the flavor direct from its vegetable source, order a sample of our Givaudan authentically Fire-Roasted and Kettle-Cooked vegetable purees. Made from fresh vegetables sourced from North & South America, they’re flame-roasted throughout in our state-of-the-art ovens located in Central California. You can also check out our portfolio of authentic Givaudan barbecue, smoke and grill flavors to accentuate any savory dish.

Fire Up Your Flavor today!




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