Fighting Off-Notes, One Base at a Time

Feb 10, 2022MarketBites, Savory, Sweet Goods & Dairy

The Trigeminal Misfits

illustration of a city under a crescent moon

High atop the plant-based world, a world filled with proteins of pea, rice, pumpkin and more,  awaits a group of sneaky villains. These villains are notorious for ruining the taste experiences for the people of Globulin. Now, Globulin used to be a peaceful town years ago, before all of these plant proteins started to move in and make their roots. These villains are unexpected and boy-oh-boy do they have A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. They call themselves the “ Trigeminal Misfits”, and each of them have their own signature power.

Signature Powers of Off-Notes

  • Astringency, our good ol’ friend that impacts mouthfeel. Astringency comes when you least expect it, leaving your tongue feeling numb and a sensation of dryness that sticks around for what seems to be hours on end.
  • Chalky, a stalky creature that dusts victims with a fine powder leaving behind a feeling of grittiness.
  • Acidic, a sharp punctual villain, one that leaves your taste buds watering and your face in a pucker.
  • Metallic, a sly individual that leaves the taste of aluminum foil in its wake,  like it’s trying to capture a signal from another planet.
  • Bitterness, an angry one, priding itself for bringing on a wave of disappointment by reducing sweetness.
  • Aroma, the smelly one of the bunch. There’s always one ya know!  A terrible green plume follows Aroma around, leaving the people of Globulin left to turn up their noses.

The Maskers Come to the Rescue

Zapping off-notes

Now, the town has had enough. They are calling in reinforcements. These reinforcements have been around for a while and they’ve gotten more sophisticated along the way. They are “The Maskers, the “Givaudan Maskers”, that is. 

Their goal is to restore peace and palatability within the town. They have seen the anguish left in the wake of the Trigeminal Misfits and they know that there will be more plant based proteins to come. If they cannot stop them now, the people of Globulin will start to dwindle and the world as we know it will end.

Maskers fighting off-notes

Masking Off-Notes in the Real World

Okay, okay, all joking aside, masking off-notes from plant proteins is no laughing matter.

We have an experienced group of Flavorists, our everyday superheroes, that create natural flavor solutions to mitigate or neutralize off-taste experiences with your product base. The maskers work by blocking or shielding the off-notes (astringency, chalky, acidic, metallic, bitterness and aroma)  from being experienced by the consumer. They are essentially a solution of various natural flavors that when put together have a synergistic effect.  

If you have a taste challenge in a plant-based application such as ice cream, yogurt or meat, that you can’t seem to overcome, a villain of sorts,  reach out and our team of superheroes would be happy to save the day…



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