Expo West 2022 Recap Series

Mar 29, 2022Beverages, Nutrition, Savory, Snacks, Sweet Goods & Dairy

Talk about an electric show! Natural Product Expo West has always been the quintessential natural, organic and healthy products trade show and this year proved to be no different! We were back. The Givaudan team returned in person at Expo West for the first time since 2019. The show had it all, from celebs to entertainment to education sessions to innovative launches! Expo West sure knows how to keep you on your toes, quite literally!

With over five days of educational conference programming and over 3,000 companies on display, there is no shortage of industry know-how to explore and experience!

Givaudan at Booth #721

expo booth If you visited our booth this year, thank you! We look forward to continuing to connect with you. If you missed us or weren’t able to attend, let’s explore what you missed! Throughout the show, we highlighted how we bring our expanded portfolio of taste and wellness solutions to life to help create food experiences that do good and feel good for body, mind and planet.  Attendees had the chance to interact with our team of experts, as they were guided on a progressive food journey with a wide array of product concepts that showcased Givaudan’s expertise across the plant-based and health & nutrition categories.

Plant-Based Alternatives

Each day in our culinary corner, we served our three plant-based concepts to call attention to how we can support improving the texture, mouthfeel, creaminess, nutrition and flavor to any of your next plant-based innovations. To kick-start the day, we offered pea plant-based milk. With a ‘like taste’ to 2% milk, it is no wonder so many people stopped to taste. This pea protein milk featured fewer calories and carbs than its 2% traditional milk counterpart, yet more protein!

As lunch-time approached and the first sign of hunger began to settle in, we switched to the savory side of a plant attitude lifestyle. We served samples of a plant-based crab cake bite (wheat and soy protein) with vegan remoulade sauce. With our seasoning and masking technologies, our culinary team was able to create a texture and taste that mimicked traditional seafood. The feedback was extraordinary, with many consumers claiming this as the star of the show. They walked away wondering if there was truly any real crab being used. This was especially exciting for those attendees who visited our expert team at our seminar: Riding the Fishless Wave: Creating Remarkable Seafood Alternatives. The team discussed the market growth and opportunities, consumer drivers, technical protein product challenges and solutions, and the sensory science that founds the creation of all good alternatives.

Finally, as a starter to dinner – a little piece of charcuterie, if you will – we featured a plant-based cheese with an Italian marinade that could turn any authentic cheese lover believing the creaminess and texture to be a true dairy product! This chickpea protein-based cheese has about 2 grams of protein, showcasing a more hearty texture than traditional mozzarella but all the same great taste.

Health & Wellness


Throughout each day, attendees who visited our booth were able to quench their thirst with two refreshing beverages – a ‘Level-Up Water’ that uses our American Ginseng, a well-recognized nootropic, blended with Blackberry flavor, ginger flavor and natural color. Our ‘Green Monk Mocktail’ is vibrant with Theanine and Matcha blended with flavors of juniper, ginger, lemon, spice, and chartreuse, mimicking a craft cocktail while delivering a wellness halo.

Delivering on taste, we brought consumers looking to keep their minds sharp and maintain energy levels an authentic wellness experience with our botanical ingredients, fruit & vegetable juices and complex flavor solutions.

Dietary Supplements:

When looking into the world of supplements, Women’s health can be complex. Looking for new ways to consume health is becoming more common with consumers but can be challenging to deliver. How did we overcome this challenge? In our nutraceutical corner, we delivered a concept for the ever-changing supplement consumer that is still looking for a holistic approach to their health through a ‘foodie’ approach.

Delivering a full dose of our clinically shown Lifenol, a premium extract of hops along with other well-known health botanicals for calming needs and nutrients like Vitamin D and Calcium in an almond butter bite was a great way to deliver a tasty way to support the overall symptoms of menopause, notably hot flashes and age-related bone loss. 

Want to learn more about these concepts shown at Expo West? View our menu and ask your Givaudan Representative to request your demo.

More to Come: Category Insights from Expo West 2022

Keep a lookout for more Expo West content in the next week! The posts will highlight insights and exciting brands we saw at Expo West within the supplements, dairy, savory, snacks and beverage markets. Didn’t have a chance to connect or learn about our areas of expertise at the show? Contact us today!



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