2022 SupplySide West: A Recap

Nov 10, 2022Categories, Nutrition

Every year we look forward to exhibiting at SupplySide West, one of the leading health and nutrition trade shows. This show is all about the science and strategy supporting the development of finished products. This year, Givaudan continued to collaborate and discuss how we can co-create with our customers to support market-ready solutions in key consumer demand growth spaces like mind, relaxation, physical performance, women’s health concerns, and more.

Thank you to all who took the time to visit our booth or met with us throughout the show. If you missed us or weren’t able to attend, let’s explore what you missed! 

Givaudan at SupplySide West


Throughout the duration of the show, multiple concepts showed how our science-backed ingredients can provide unique and high-value benefits but also taste good and break through traditional supplement formats. 

Additionally, utilizing our taste solutions like masking astringent and bitterness certainly helped deliver efficacious doses. What was equally as noteworthy to see at our booth was the use of our proprietary software technology, Virtual Aroma Synthesizer® (VAS), used to transform actionable communication to speed up the flavor and taste creation. All of this, plus our naturally derived color solutions were on display to illustrate how Givaudan is the co-creation partner of choice for making health solutions taste and look better!


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Themes and Topics Trending

Cracking the code to making health taste better:


Taste solutions to support flavor development

Cracking Taste Solutions

The struggle to make “healthy” taste great was a common theme we heard from attendees at the show. Many of our guests at the booth are trying to “figure out” the functional food space. So when visiting the Givaudan booth, we hope it was helpful to see how we at Givaudan are able to bring enjoyment to consumers by delivering delicious food experiences with our flavor and taste solutions. Leaning heavily on the work developed with our masking solutions for botanicals, plant proteins, and nootropics and by displaying our digital tools, we were able to translate that flavor creation can be faster and more in tune with what consumers are looking for. Finally, concerns around the need for sugar, sodium, or fat reduction and the taste challenges associated with such interests are at the core of what Givaudan’s solutions are able to provide to the industry.


Trending health concerns:


Attention, focus, mood and performance – our portfolio of cognitive health ingredients helps keep the mind sharp and energy levels high.

Mental energy

Mental Energy & Relaxation: Without a doubt, we know this topic is not new to many of us reading this, but the truth of the matter is that consumers are looking for a more balanced, meaningful, and mindful lifestyle. They are looking for ways that support their health and personal preferences by layering in ways to support energy, sleep, and everything in between. So when thinking about your next energy or relaxation innovation, supporting the benefit with ingredients that are actually shown to work with same-day effects is key in this space. At Givaudan, our portfolio delivers scientifically proven cognitive health ingredients to support a sharp mind with products like Cereboost® American ginseng extract. If you are looking for solutions to help the mind rewind and relax, Cyracos® lemon balm extract could be just the solution you’re looking to have in your next innovation.

With a wide offering of adaptogens and natural, responsibly sourced botanical ingredients, Givaudan’s mind and energy platform is designed to address a broad range of consumer needs.


Healthy Aging & Natural Solutions to Empower Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s Health: Women are starting to put themselves and their concerns first, but what natural solutions are available to support an active aging woman? Sometimes the most common and addressable symptoms of aging, like bladder control, or common symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and night sweats, are overlooked. Women might not realize there are natural solutions able to address and support these symptoms that have underlying connections to things like trouble with sleeping or general body discomfort. So here is where we think there is an opportunity to include natural solutions in your next innovation for women’s health. Givaudan has solutions with recognizable ingredients like Flowens® cranberry extract and Lifenol® hops extract, that can be taken in fun consumable ways like gummies or bites to address the consumers growing interests in new formats.

Awareness brings power. Women learning there are natural health solutions to help with everyday lifestyle changes as one ages, does not need to be a secret anymore! 


Sense the colors!


Let nature color your imagination with Sense Color

Sense color

When exploring new innovations in the health and nutrition space, one should not just think about the benefit but the experience the consumer is participating in. Taking a tablet, capsule, pill, gummy, or any way of supplementing for health does not have to be boring. Colors can evoke emotion, bring vibrant fun, and ultimately be clean label. At Givaudan, we source, process, and formulate natural ingredients to global quality standards to provide complete color solutions

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We had a great time connecting with attendees on how we can help make health solutions taste better and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show! Still, have questions on what Givaudan highlighted at the show? Click here.



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