Travel Inspired Taste – Creating Culinary Moments

Nov 10, 2022Savory

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in the world. When planning a trip, my approach goes something like this..

  • Decide on location
  • Read everything I can find on the area
  • Create Google Maps list
  • Start saving restaurants and planning my meals and drinks

My husband and I like to joke that we are EXPERT restaurant order-ers; and have a special skill when it comes to reading a menu and parsing out what dish is going to leave us feeling like we just were struck by food lightning. Our globe-hopping vacations were no exception, but of course, it’s hard to find a bad meal in Paris, London, Dublin, Munich, Madrid, etc., etc., etc.


lime freshWhat is hard, however, is replicating fresh, authentic, and inspired dishes at home or finding suitable replacements locally. As a lover of food, I still dream about the Croque madame in Paris, the paella in Madrid or the ramen in Dublin, and all of the other incredible dishes we had during our travels.

It’s no wonder why globally-inspired flavors have seen a significant uptick in the zeitgeist in recent years. We had a pandemic keep all of us in our homes for two years, and with that comes a real consumer-driven desire to experiment in the kitchen and satisfy your palette however possible. We’ve seen this desire affect menu change, ingredient and flavor sourcing, and all sorts of production plans.


tacos lime fresh squeezeAlong those same lines, with rising costs due to inflation and concerns around the economy, value is quickly rising to be one of the top purchasing drivers for consumers. Yet, in looking deeper, the value won’t just mean, “low cost”. According to Mintel, consumers will not be motivated solely by low prices in 2023. They will find value in affordable food and drink that promises clarity, nutrition and versatility. Keeping this definition of value in mind, along with the desire for authentic and flavor-packed meals, Givaudan was inspired to create our new Culinary Flavor Fusions product line. From side dish to main dish, the products offer complete solutions when combined with a base or protein. The five different offerings feature vegetable purees, seasonings, and natural flavors, inspired by flavor experiences you can expect from cuisines in Latin America, Eastern Asia, Southwest US, the Mediterranean and Italy.


tikka masala naan street foodThese new offerings not only deliver food experiences that are layered with flavor and spices, but they do so in a way that keeps your label clean and brings that authentic, fresh food experience to the customer in the comfort of their kitchen or yours.

To request a sample from our Culinary Flavor Fusion line, please fill out our order form here!



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