TastyTweets October 2020: Fall Treats!

As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to fall, people have begun trying the new fall products hitting the market. Social media has been buzzing with Halloween treats with both new and old fall flavors. Here's what's happening: Heat is in this fall as brands have begun working spice into some of their…

TastyTweets June 2020: Summer Treats!

With everyone cooped up in the house the last few months, I think we're all craving some "summer fun". Twitter has been all about the indulgent treats that get us in the mood for summer! From late night snacks to instant delicious classics, these Tweets have me drooling! 1. I don't think we can start…

Tasty Tweets March 2020: Smelling the Golden Arches, Llama Parties, & Cap’n Crunch Morning Glory

McDonalds Sign

I have to tell you, the last few weeks have been filled with some amazing product launches. From Burger candles to Lucky Charm Hot Chocolate and Supreme X Oreo's - there's a lot of fun happening out there. So the in the spirit of giving you something to laugh at while you're self-quarantining or just…

Tasty Tweets, February 2020: Dunkaroos Return

Sprinkles Tasty Tweets

Dunkaroos are Back! My 90s self has no shame, see all the excitement from others. And Dunkaroos' Twitter account -- bringing the A-game..... https://twitter.com/Dunkaroos/status/1224355910438588416 https://twitter.com/Dunkaroos/status/1224528311478603776 https://twitter.com/fuddle_cuddle/status/1224685091298926592 https://twitter.com/Dunkaroos/status/1224335426774863878 Valentine's Day Options https://twitter.com/tips2liveby1/status/1227954540504326144 https://twitter.com/CuptoCupShow/status/1227599049479663616 https://twitter.com/LacQrd/status/830817717628317696 https://twitter.com/itsWillyFerrell/status/953393684694921217 https://twitter.com/LarsonE34Life/status/1227949430629896193 https://twitter.com/speaks_beats/status/1223312001478406145 https://twitter.com/TechDeals_16/status/1227948759474229250 https://twitter.com/Panoram38053832/status/1227959295087726593 https://twitter.com/WilmaxUsa/status/1219414635046035456 https://twitter.com/tastyfoodhub/status/1225439884460068865

Tasty Tweets Jan 2020: Indian Food, Baby Yoda & DoorDash Watching

food photo tweets

Looking for some new inspo? Or even a food/bev-related laughs, check out these Tasty Tweets! https://twitter.com/lidobeach/status/1214649648712806400 https://twitter.com/UNIFamServices/status/1214076936336617472 https://twitter.com/tartecosmetics/status/1214728777714077701 https://twitter.com/TheFoodOverload/status/1213046142935527424 https://twitter.com/FoodPorn/status/1214330374911856645 https://twitter.com/DrakeGatsby/status/1214914007716552704 https://twitter.com/sonomawinelife/status/931005954350559233 https://twitter.com/LinaInv84754810/status/1214060452369485824 https://twitter.com/kels113587/status/1214758684817006592 https://twitter.com/MrEngineer_Offl/status/1214365537364369408