Understanding consumers centers our work. What are they sharing? How are they living their lives? What changes are they making to their daily routines? How do they connect flavors to moments in their lives? All these questions drive the work of the Givaudan team. Journey with us as we take a look at global trends, seasonal insights and social media happenings.

Meat Alternatives

The Future of Meat Alternatives

I honestly feel sometimes that we’re traveling at warp speed with meat alternatives. It’s a whole new world and it’s moving so fast, many product

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Tasty Tweets December 2020

2020 has come to a close – thank God! We saw a plethora of terrific and buzz-worthy new products launched in December to wrap up

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Savory Social Senses Q3 2020

Welcome to our social listening series: Social Senses! These posts are created in partnership with Tastewise, who monitors social media activity in the food and beverage world.

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