There are a number of ways to look at the trends we’re seeing in the market today. And there is no shortage of inspiration. Givaudan’s global trends program, FlavourVision®, explores global dynamics to identify consumer behavior. With FlavourVision®, we understand the food and beverage flavor landscape and empower brands to conceive products that delight consumers. Read on to explore FlavourVision® and the trends driving the world.

Fisher’s Fare: Southern Mexican Cuisine

As I consider current trends and brainstorm the next cuisine to highlight, I think a more regional approach may be appropriate. I covered Mexican cuisine in an earlier entry, but there is so much nuance

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Fisher’s Fare: Comfort Foods

For reasons that should be obvious to all of us, the past year has been a boon for comfort foods. While this blog typically focuses on food trends from around the world, the lockdown on

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Classic American road trip

American Regional Cuisine Is Prime for Growth

The United States is a nation diverse in peoples and geography. Both of these contribute to some amazing regional cuisine. Thanks to the Covid pandemic, there’s been an increased focus on regional American cuisine. People

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Flavorful Finds, January: Asian Beverages

This is a recurring series of posts based on new products we find in the marketplace that are fun, different and FLAVORFUL!  This time around, we explored Asian inspired beverages I am not sure about you but

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The Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection

Rare and Unique Citrus Fruits Inspire Our Flavors

Givaudan is basic in citrus, meaning we process citrus ingredients in-house from all natural citrus raw materials. Givaudan is committed to citrus. Our TasteEssentials® Citrus program means we are committed to investing in citrus research,

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Pitt Street Bridge at sunset

An Escape to Charleston’s Food Scene

What is DelightFULL? DelightFULL is one of seven macro trends apparent globally. It is all about consumers looking for moments of escape and excitement due to global uncertainty or the pressures of modern life. If

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cinnamon roll with a cup of coffee

Coffee, Cocktails, Carbs: My COVID Essentials

In a recent virtual meeting discussing how COVID has impacted our FlavourVision trends, there was a homework assignment: “Find two products in your home that best reflects how your food & beverage choices have changed

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Salsa Verde

Mexican Sauces are Going to Get Even Tastier

Loving You is Easy Mintel’s research recently announced that Mexican cuisine took over Italian as America’s favorite international cuisine. I can say with full confidence that everyone loves Mexican food. It’s a fact. If anyone

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Tehran, Iran

Fisher’s Fare: Persian Cuisine

Persian cuisine has a lot in common with its regional neighbors but it still stands on its own with unique flavors and ingredients. A complex political history and icy relations with the West has kept

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Fisher’s Fare: Jewish Cuisine

Jewish cuisine is distinct from Israeli cuisine in that it has been shaped by the local cultures where people have settled. As the Jewish diaspora spread across the globe they brought their culinary traditions and

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