There are a number of ways to look at the trends we’re seeing in the market today. And there is no shortage of inspiration. Givaudan’s global trends program, FlavourVision®, explores global dynamics to identify consumer behavior. With FlavourVision®, we understand the food and beverage flavor landscape and empower brands to conceive products that delight consumers. Read on to explore FlavourVision® and the trends driving the world.

Marinades and sauces from around the world for grilling

Flavorful Finds, July: International Grilling

This is a recurring series of posts based on new products we find in the marketplace that are fun, different and FLAVORFUL! This time around, we explored some international grilling traditions. It’s July; the dog

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The Economy of COVID-19 and What’s Next

Not since the 1918 Spanish Flu have we seen something quite of this magnitude. For most, the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic is something never been seen before and likely won’t be seen again. It’s scary for everyone:

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Dining Out (in) During a Global Pandemic

The COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic has completely upended dining out and food service as we know it. As a self-proclaimed supporter of local business, I’ve done my best to try to eat local even under

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Risk Aware: The Real Deal

How can we continue to infuse our product/brand with trust?  How can we signal greater transparency? What are the cues to authenticity, and how could we incorporate these messages into our brand positioning? Be fearlessly

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Toronto Ice Skating

Tailor Your Expectations in Toronto

What is Tailored Expectations? From necklaces customized with your name on it to ordering your perfect cup of joe in the marketplace (no matter how ridiculous) – consumers are witnessing a shift away from one-size-fits-all

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The Spice Rack

Smoked paprika, Chinese five-spice, smashed candy pieces and sea salt – all part of a great spice rack. Yes, I keep my candies, sprinkles, and colored sugars with my spices – it all adds to

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Bless the Food Down in Africa

I tend to consider myself well-traveled and adventurous when it comes to food. Despite my willingness to food explore, I have only just recently begun to immerse myself in African cuisines recently. Ethiopia: by Way

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Fisher’s Fare: French Food

Long held as the pinnacle of fine dining, French cuisine has experienced a bit of a slump in the past few decades. Dinner-goers’ tastes shifted away from heavy multi-course meals and stuffy dining rooms. However,

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Cincinnati: Queen City

Connecting In the Queen City

Recently I joined a 5th/6th grade volleyball team at their end of season gathering. They celebrated a winning season, and after coaches’ awards were distributed, and some rainy day fun with Battleship and Uno, a

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Chefs Council Dinner

Chef’s Council: Putting the PRO in Protein

FIVE days of meat analogue exploration FOUR world-renowned chefs THREE participating Givaudan regions TWO “takes” on each challenge: external chef-inspired and internal customer-focused demo ONE unique mission — to further understand how we can play

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