From great taste to visual appeal, we create multi-sensory experiences that surprise and DELIGHT.

We partnered with Marina Cavassilas, Ph.D., renowned body language expert specializing in the food industry. Dr. Cavassilas decoded 250 signs like salivation, swallowing, blushing, excitement, surprise, oral pleasure, and sexual excitement…to name a few.

As an example, when a respondent looks down and tilts their head to the left it translates to a positive regressive memory. This methodology is unfiltered, unbiased, instinctive, truthful, universal, spontaneous, as well as scientifically proven – a new era in consumer insight, exclusive to Givaudan.

We explore four elements that offer a glimpse of how food and flavors shape multi-sensory experiences within the consumer lifestyle through DELIGHT: Well & Great, Sweet Nostalgia, Surprise Me!, and Metamophosis.

Well & Great

Self-care is the ultimate luxury

Consumers have become more mindful about how everything they consume impacts their physical and wellbeing, choose wisely.

Sweet Nostalgia

There is no stronger link to our memory bank than the aroma of nostalgic food. Reliving positive memories and beloved moments from our past feels good. With hectic lifestyles in this age of impersonal digital media as well as unrelenting responsibilities, fond memories make us smile… and feel human.

Surprise Me!

Feeding the urge for heightened sensory experiences and curious consumers seeking culinary entertainment, comes the magic of unexpected and dramatic flavors, textures, colors and scents.


The rise in unique flavor combinations and sophisticated ingredients defines a space of sensory transformation, where we take what is familiar and stretch the imagination. It is a leap of faith to plunge into the deep end of the flavor pool, but the unexpected conjurings are indeed magical!

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