Givaudan at Natural Products Expo West 2023

Powered by innovation and creativity, Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing aims to shape the future of food by becoming the co-creation partner of choice to its customers.

Building on its global leadership position in flavors and taste, the Company goes beyond to create food experiences that do good and feel good, for body, mind and planet. With an expanded portfolio of products across flavors, taste, functional and nutritional solutions and a deep knowledge of the food ecosystem, Givaudan’s passion is to collaborate with customers and partners to develop game-changing innovations in food and beverages.

Are you interested in discovering innovative solutions for your plant-based alternatives for better health and sustainability?
Are sugar-reduction and salt-reduction solutions essential for evolving your business?
Are you keen to know more about our co-creation approach and how it yields products that your consumers love?

The 2023 Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show, bringing together innovative products that emphasize sustainability, lifestyle, nutrition and health, transparency and convenience.

Couldn’t make it to Expo West to visit us? Learn how we enhance your capabilities to create ‘Food Experiences’ that consumers love.

Read on to discover how Givaudan’s Food Experiences portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of consumer needs.

‘Imagine’ Food Experiences

Through our innovative programs, we go beyond to imagine new food experiences. We leverage our insight and foresight, as we collaborate and co-create with you to discover new opportunities for high-value benefits.

Our ‘Imagine’ Food Experience space allowed attendees the opportunity to co-create with a flavorist. Our VAS (Virtual Aroma Synthesizer) technology is a proprietary aroma delivery and flavor creation tool that allows you to smell and blend aroma keys in real-time, aiding in accelerating your product development.

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‘Does Good’ Food Experiences

With our industry-leading portfolio of natural solutions, we deliver great tasting food experiences that ‘do good’ for body and mind. We provide solutions that enhance the nutritional value of food and support healthy living, bringing more of the natural wellbeing benefits that consumers want.

Our ‘Does’ Good experiences space at the booth combined health and nutrition solutions. Aside from showcasing applications focused on sugar and salt reduction, and natural energy management, you were able to taste a supplement bar, featuring Cereboost®, our patented extract of American Ginseng.

‘Feel Good’ Food Experiences

Through our extensive portfolio of advanced taste and sense solutions, we create ‘Feel Good’ Food Experiences that consumers love. From great taste to visual appeal, shelf life management and texture, we create sensory experiences that surprise and delight.

At our booth, the ‘Feel Good’ Food Experience space is built around a truly authentic tasting experience providing taste and sense solutions. We featured plant-forward foods and beverages:

Plant-Based Vanilla Cream Cheese

Mushroom Bolognese

Vanilla Oat Float

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Co-Creation & Collaboration

By fostering co-creation and collaboration, leveraging wide-eyed thinking, and showing our commitment to sustainability, we help our customers solve holistic challenges around plant-based and natural foods, as well as health & nutrition products.

The Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing ‘Food Experiences’ definition is unique: we see it as a number of multi-sensorial events that occur along the full length of the consumer journey when interacting with our products. From relating to the packaging on a supermarket shelf to preparing and consuming the food or beverage at home, our food experiences provide both immediate and long-lasting physical and emotional benefits for the consumer. Together, we co-create the ‘Food Experiences’ we know consumers are looking for.