Steeped with passion for all things food and beverage, our Givaudan team brings you the latest, best tasting, and most unique trends and insights in the industry. Explore our team’s backgrounds and ride along with us as we explore the sparkling, savory, sweet and spicy!

Tess Sansbury, Director of Category Management

Tess Sansbury

Director of Category Marketing

Tess enjoys harnessing her passion for a very creative and sophisticated industry in support of Givaudan customers and their brands. She loves a good cocktail and writing a good story. When not at work she enjoys reading, yoga, cooking & her family.

Amber Cartwright

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Amber was introduced to the flavor industry while working in product commercialization at a large beverage company and said “that’s what I want to do.” That was over 20 years ago and since then she has worked in product development, led a team of product developers, dabbled in sales and has been a product manager at Givaudan for over 10 years. Outside of work she cooks, listens to podcasts while walking her dogs and enjoys watching her children become responsible adults.

Ashley Stier, Associate Category Marketing Manager

Ashley Kindle

Category Marketing Manager

Ashley is an avid fan of all things food and beverage, especially when it comes to the unique confectionery space. She likes long trips to old fashion candy shoppes, a visit to a local brewery and a unique cocktail. The best thing she ever ate was a filo dough-wrapped Alaskan Salmon made by a family friend.

Annaliese Hnat

Category Marketing Manager

Always hungry, trying to be healthy and guilty of studying the nutritional labels. Annaliese will eat or drink pretty much anything but might have a few questions before trying it. When she’s not working you can find her teaching irish dancing, fixing up an old house with her husband or being in nature with her pup.

Savannah Davis, Marketing Analyst

Savannah Turner

Category Marketing Manager

Savannah loves visiting local breweries, yoga studios and discovering new hidden gems in her hometown, Cincinnati. Savannah enjoys spending time with her husband and their two wild boys. After living in Colorado she tries to spend as much time outside as she can, whether it is hiking, snowboarding, or a great rooftop bar.

Armand Ansari Blog

Armand Ansari

Associate Category Marketing Manager

Armand loves traveling to new cities and Countries to explore and experience new cultures. With a passion for learning, he will travel just about anywhere to try something once. When not at work, Armand enjoys cooking with his fiancé, traveling to new cities, and volunteering at animal shelters.

Luan Blancher

Associate Category Marketing Manager

Luan loves to travel which allows her to experience different cultures mainly through food and music. She enjoys almost all sports and fitness related events. Being an island girl, the beach is her ultimate happy place. She and her family, usually never say no to ice cream.

Alex Hudak

Alexandra Hudak

Associate Marketing Manager

Alexandra is a huge sports fan and player all her life, her passion is for learning health and alternative ways to maintain wellness. She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends around the dinner table whether that be going out to eat or having a simple home-cooked meal.

Sydney Cromwell

Marketing Analyst

Sydney enjoys discovering new food and beverage products, especially in the sweet goods and dairy space. She looks for products that excite consumers and promote innovation. She enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and sharing Cincinnati’s favorite foods with first-time visitors. 

Jackie Hines

Marketing Analyst

Jackie is a naturally curious mind who enjoys learning about new cultures through cuisines and beverages as well as dance. She has a passion for finding trends and understanding the needs of consumers. Out of work she enjoys visiting new bars and travel, preferably somewhere with a beach!

Katie Wolf

Marketing Analyst

Katie is always on the hunt for a good time – and a good meal. She has a passion for trying new cuisines and pairing it with the perfect glass of wine. She has been in the Flavor industry for over a decade but is excited to finally showcase her creative side for what she loves best – FOOD! Outside of work Katie enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and stepson on their mini-farm.. 

Guest Authors:

Sam Fisher

S+T Application Technologist

Sam is a lifelong foodie who has turned his love for cooking and science into a career. He loves to travel and explore different cities near and far. When he’s not in his own kitchen you can usually find him at the newest restaurants trying out everything on the menu.

Amy Lovelace, Senior Category Marketing Manager

Amy Lovelace

Director of Consumer & Sensory Insights

Amy enjoys seeking out the latest trends happening in America’s kitchens, both in restaurants and at home. When she’s not at work, her life revolves around spending time with her girls, ages 8 and 3, keeping up with an old house, and figuring out how to get back to the beach.

Kim Duncan, Head of Consumer Insights

Kim Duncan

Head of Consumer Insights

Kim loves to figure new and creative ways to understand what consumers think when it comes to flavor. Working at Givaudan has opened up a whole new world when it comes to food and beverage, and she loves finding and trying new restaurants and bars- her vacations revolve primarily around where she’s going to eat and drink!  In addition to traveling, in her spare time, she loves reading, organizing, and spending time with family and friends.

eric spenske

Eric Spenske

Vice President, Marketing

Eric joined Givaudan in 2007. Prior to joining Givaudan, Eric spent 15 years in sales and marketing roles, giving him roughly 30 years of total food and beverage industry experience.
When not at work, you will likely find him on a golf course, kayaking on a lake, or just enjoying the outdoors!

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