From organic and unique varietal coffees, to the explosion of homebrewers and microbreweries, and the boom of the artisan cocktail, the beverage arena is bending and twisting each day, delighting and inspiring consumers. Join the journey of exploration as we seek out new and exciting flavors, concepts, and notions.

Ready-To-Drink Alcohol Innovation: What’s Next

Seltzers and Beyond The ready-to-drink alcohol segment is undeniably exciting, incredibly fast-paced, and unquestionably innovative. Recently, a new wave of hard seltzers hit the scene with lemonades, teas, and punches. However, the million-dollar question is,

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Wine Coolers with a cheese board

Not Your Mother’s Wine Coolers

Do you remember the wine cooler fad in the late 1980s and early 90s? Well, these wine coolers were all the rage, but recently they have had an exciting makeover. We reinvented our traditional wine

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star anise on red spoon

Cocktail Flavor of the Month: Spiced Orange

“Back to Normal” If there is one thing the pandemic has done, it has heightened our awareness for comfort and connection. We anxiously look forward to those days of “normal” where events and experiences are

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Chocolate: The Ultimate Indulgence

Some say chocolate is the ultimate indulgence. It’s a comforting flavor that almost everyone likes. Whether you prefer milk or dark, you can always depend on it giving rise to fond memories of days gone

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A Day in the Life of a Flavor Investigator

For over the past decade Givaudan, in partnership with Bellomy, has been thinking about and collecting data for flavor segmentation. It started with a thought that flavor preferences aren’t bound by the traditional demographics we

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Spice Up Your Life With Spicy Snacks

Looking to spice up your life but don’t want to leave your house? Look no further than your smartphone to find some spicy bites! According to Supermarket News, during the COVID-19 pandemic, of more than

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State Fair Food

Summer is calling, but spring has barely sprung! One of the things I look forward to during warmer weather is state fairs, and they’re quite iconic in the Midwest. When I was a kid, the

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Bananas on a wood cutting board and table

Cocktail Flavor of the Month : Banana

Brief History about Bananas Bananas are some of the most versatile of tropical fruits. Originating from Southeast Asia, it is thought that bananas are one of the world’s first cultivated fruits. The path of the

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