Well & Great

The news is in: Self-care is the ultimate luxury.

The buzz has been building and is now a cacophony of imperatives. We continue to seek health-boosting, body-loving, beauty-enhancing ingredients in order to discover our true well and great potential.
Consumers demand multi-sensorial vibrancy signals throughout their day and are highly aware of the impact food and lifestyle choices make on how they look and feel. All generations want to live the great life and recognize that with only ONE body – it is a must to surround yourself with healthy options.

At Givaudan, we’ve used our tools, thought leadership and pulse on food categories to identify and then facilitate occasions where entire body wellbeing is front and center in food creation.

With consumers seeking holistic health solutions
Explore how Givaudan can help in the co-creation of goods that are meant for the well being for consumers in the DELIGHT Experience.

Take a look at our portfolio as we focus on

  • Sodium reduction
  • Sugar reduction
  • Plant-based
  • Wellness
  • Naturals

Our Solutions

Health Essentials


Nutri Essentials

Nutri TasteSolutions® Sugar

Nutri TasteSolutions Sodium

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