Health Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Jan 25, 2024Nutrition

Our Top 5 Health Trends 2024: How to navigate and continue to innovate for the now and beyond:


It is the start of 2024 and questions around ‘where should we innovate to better address future health trends?’ are sure to be top of mind for many of you. Read to learn more about our top 5 thoughts on health trends that are continuing to rise and evolve within foods, beverages, and supplements for this year and beyond.

1. Sports Nutrition

“Sports nutrition” is now, even more, regarded as simply a component of an active lifestyle, encompassing energy, physical needs, weight management, and more. This health condition is more than just exercising hard or taking extra protein, consumers are working towards lifestyle goals and are trying to consume for the benefits of an active life. What does this mean for us in development?

Weight Management and sports nutrition have had strong supplement sales in the last 2 years. Adapting to consumer needs is key in this space, especially in weight management where consumers are shifting to pharmaceutical solutions and away from supplements. Formulators can still find white space opportunities by developing natural weight loss solutions as a component of a broader goal of staying active and healthy living. Supporting muscle recovery and performance to help make a difference in exercise performance. This also means supporting components for pre-, intra- and post-performance.

2. Energy BUT with an emphasis on Mental Energy

The energy market has always been trending up but this space needs a breakthrough to address the overwhelming demand for more energy! More and more, consumers want products that target multiple benefits and nowhere is that more evident than in the energy category. The need to deal with stress, stay focused and alert throughout the day, and have enough energy from sunrise to sunset is challenging formulators to develop formulas that are efficacious and work fast without the need for caffeine for an experiential effect.

Adaptogens, like ginseng, Rhodiola, and ashwagandha, are multifunctional ingredients that can address those needs for sustained energy, focus, and attention without the “crash” phenomenon. When looking to innovate in this space, explore adaptogens and listen here to why they’re a unique solution for the mind & energy space.

Along with the Adaptogen podcast, explore the mind and energy category through a regulatory lens here and listen here to hear how one can effectively communicate the benefits of their formula that complies with the guidelines of our regulatory partners.

3. Mood & Emotions

Market demand for natural solutions addressing mental health is also growing. Consumers associate stress and lack of sleep with increased fatigue and changes in mood and emotions. When it comes to sleep and relaxation, formula/benefit flexibility is key: people don’t want to feel drowsy the next morning or throughout the day. Providing a formula for sleep or relaxation – that can be taken any time of the day – aligns with consumers’ preference for “one-stop” solutions.  Listen here for Relaxation & Sleep: A Holistic Approach to The Mind- Energy Continuum podcast.


4. Microbiome/Gut Health

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy gut in supporting overall health. They want solutions that are natural, healthy, fun, and delicious to eat. When looking to innovate in this space, start exploring how clean-label, food-derived prebiotics can support a healthy gut microbiome. This year and beyond 2024 will continue to bring a heightened demand for transparency and brand accountability.

At Givaudan, we have experts here to help with the understanding of the potential of new natural prebiotics composed of a diversity of fibers, micro/macronutrients, phytonutrients, etc., thus providing an opportunity for synergistic effects in delivering a range of health benefits mediated by modulation of specific varieties of the gut microbiome. Discover unique ways to engage in supporting healthy gut microbiota and learn more about the breadth of science within natural prebiotics.

5. Women’s Health

Women’s Health is on trend for 2024 as women are looking to maintain their health with solutions backed by science. The hurdle with many natural approaches to women’s health is time and consumers’ perception of how these products work (or how fast), which can lead to higher turnover. Similar to the sports nutrition market, formulas should focus on effective outcomes for multiple needs that are top-of-mind. Hormonal balance and bone health are some examples of combining benefits in one formula (especially since these are interrelated). 

We need to make it easier for all of us to meet the benefits one is looking for when maintaining health. Bettering education and expansion on boosting research and evidence into women’s health will help the industry continue to advance in this space.

Final Takeaway:

In conclusion, as we embark on the journey through 2024, don’t just settle with what you know. Consider how you can create something outstanding, valuable, and differentiated in the space of health. Givaudan’s passion is to collaborate with customers and partners to develop game-changing innovations and want to support you and your team’s journey in creating a healthier and happier 2024 and beyond, Contact us today!



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