Flavors so often are linked to seasons, emotions, and colors. Our extensive seasonal consumer studies can help you develop a seasonal flavor strategy that fits your brands. But we love flavors of all kinds, so we’ll bring you insights related to flavors for each season. Stick with us as we highlight them monthly!

family celebrating christmas dinner while taking selfie

The Holidaze Food Craze

The December holiday season has crept upon us once again. Many of us will spend our time during this season with friends and family enjoying old traditions and creating new ones. Many of these traditions

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Lessons from Festbier

If you’ve been to a grocer in the last two months, you may be seeing orange, even when you close your eyes. The DayGlo-hued jack-o-lanterns and aisles of variety candy mark the start of fall

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star anise on red spoon

Cocktail Flavor of the Month: Spiced Orange

“Back to Normal” If there is one thing the pandemic has done, it has heightened our awareness for comfort and connection. We anxiously look forward to those days of “normal” where events and experiences are

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Bananas on a wood cutting board and table

Cocktail Flavor of the Month : Banana

Brief History about Bananas Bananas are some of the most versatile of tropical fruits. Originating from Southeast Asia, it is thought that bananas are one of the world’s first cultivated fruits. The path of the

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The Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection

Rare and Unique Citrus Fruits Inspire Our Flavors

Givaudan is basic in citrus, meaning we process citrus ingredients in-house from all natural citrus raw materials. Givaudan is committed to citrus. Our TasteEssentials® Citrus program means we are committed to investing in citrus research,

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stack of pancakes

Why a Maple Flavor is a Good Idea

The turning leaves and chilly days remind us of maple, the smooth and mellow counterpoint to the fall classic of pumpkin spice. Starbucks receives most, if not all, credit for the creation of pumpkin spice

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It’s Chai Time

It is that time of year, FALL!!! In my opinion, it’s the best time of the year. The leaves are changing, the temperature is perfect, and I can wear over-sized sweaters that hide all the

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Seasonless: Strawberry

The sun is shining, friends are having cookouts, and kids are hanging out by the pool which means one thing: Summer is high season! Or at least as close as we can get in the

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Summer Flavor: Passion Fruit

Psst! Psssst! Guess what…It’s SUMMER!!!! I don’t know about you, but nothing reminds more of summer than tropical fruits. Granted, I spent some of my summers on Caribbean islands, so I like to think I

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Summer Flavor: Watermelon

Is there anything that screams “summer” more than slicing open a fresh watermelon? For me, there is nothing better than biting into a cold piece of that juicy red melon on a hot summer day.

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Spring Flavor: Pistachio

Pistachio is a household staple at my home, as well as the home in which I grew up. The savory, sweet, and salty balance always leavings me craving more. Before writing this spring flavor blog,

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