“The Most Important Meal of the Day” Reigns Supreme

Mar 4, 2019Categories, Savory

Is it important? Does it matter? Is breakfast really “the most important meal of the day?” Important or not, the breakfast segment is seeing a big resurgence. Consumers are looking for fast, filling options to fuel their jam packed days. After taste testing through our fare share of bacon, egg and cheese croissants, we were inspired to take a look at what’s going on in the breakfast world.

PROTEIN (Or anything gym fanatics are chowing down before heading into the office)

Egg whites had their moment, and maybe still do, but the protein scene is busting at the seams with new options for those people trying to squeeze a few extra grams of protein into their morning routine. If you haven’t noticed the amount of products with protein claims on the package, you need to get out of the house more. Protein is among the top claims consumers are looking for in their food and beverage products. Shakes, bars, muffins, bowls, even creamer, protein is still a hot topic. Curious about how to develop in this space? We have a rockstar team of scientists immersed in the latest protein technologies.

Ethnic Skillets

Chilaquiles with a beautifully runny egg yolk on top, shakshuka – a tomato based sauce topped with eggs, feta, and cilantro, or quinoa and kale bowls topped with Spanish chorizo and a harissa drizzle are spicing up this sleepy food category. Middle Eastern flavors like sumac and za’atar along with Mexican tastes of salsa verde or oxacan cheese take breakfast from groggy to glamorous. Asian, Mediterranean and Korean influences are knocking on the door of the standard bacon, eggs and toast. Check out our perspective on Jian Bing – a popular Chinese breakfast item in our Best Street Foods of 2018 article.


Wraps, burritos, tacos, sandwiches – you name it – it’s weaseled its way into the breakfast space. With no time to prep or casually enjoy at home, breakfast lovers have one major concern – convenience. How fast can I get it and how easy is it to eat? Handhelds are the perfect match for those facing the daily grind of catching a plane, making it to school drop-off on time, or catching the last seat in the back of the classroom with little or no time to spare.

Our research led to the creation of a new program: Sweet Shoppe. This multi-phased program is designed to highlight the importance of indulgence throughout the day, starting with meal numero uno. Scones, syrup and clusters showcase unique ways to transform breakfast into other eating occasions. Check in with your Account Manager to get your hands on these tasty treats.



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